CariFin Games 1 Lap Savannah 2015

The Games Have Begun

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1st timer Noel shocked everyone by emerging male leader in the CariFin Games One Lap Savannah, Russell returns to top the females in the run, Henry rises to the top among the women walkers, and Harrikissoon makes it four in a row.
 The spectators were entertained by the best runners and walkers in the CariFin Universe, as a result the evening atmosphere was charged with the expectation from the teams and their leaders to see what places were up for grabs.

Excitement reached fever pitch levels at the CariFin One Lap Savannah, which took place on Wednesday April 22, 2015 at the Queen’s Park Savannah, opp. TGI. It was about 5 pm when the event was about to start. Nervous energy and anticipation could be felt as the runners were excitingly waiting on the starter’s horn to dash to the front, and get into that favorable position on the course, to execute what they did in training. Close to 1000 participants, comprised the walkers and runners in this race. Supporters and team leaders were in a frenzy as the race started to unfold, bringing the Queen’s Park Savannah alive and alight with excitement.
Mr. Ephraim Serrette, President of the National Association of Athletics Administrations (NAAA) of Trinidad and Tobago, expressed the view that, “Other industries should have similar events promoting health and fitness among their members”.

Ryan-O'NealRyan O’Neal of Guardian Group couldn’t ask for a better opening event, as a first timer in the CariFin Games, he headed out of the main pack and when he got into stride no one was able to stay within striking distance. He had a solo effort to the finish line. Something to note, in 2014 this race was won in 15.07 by Jedidiah Benjamin of RBC who finished 3rd this year in 15.56.

O’Neal crossed the finish line in 14.28. “It felt good winning but it wasn’t anticipated, my team captain (Joella Richardson-Griffith) motivated me. It was a fantastic experience, also being my first time in CariFin Games.
Meanwhile last year’s 3rd place finisher in this event as well as the cross country champion, John Donaldson, felt that the time he took to navigate through the mass of people at the start would have cost valuable time.  As far as strategy he was way off  as his 15.12 for  2nd place reflected it, “I felt a little bit disappointed because I got caught badly in the pack, I don’t know how I would of done exactly, I am looking forward to the  Chancellor and Sevilla Cross country, because these have more pSusan_Russell2ace from  the start.

“My competition was not with the group of women, but more in terms of my personal times. I did a wonderful 17.47 but I was hoping to go below 18 minutes. Last year I did 19.05. Kudos to the team I train with, the Trinidad and Tobago Road Runners Club.” These were the happy expressions of RBC’s Susan Russell CariFin cross country winner for 2014, and the best performer over the athletic events in the CariFin Games 2014. Following behind her in 2nd place was Sagicor’s Adona Joseph in 18.19 and Jillette Landeau of team Guardian Group in 18.44 filling 3rd spot.

Deodath_HarrikissoonDeodath Harrikissoon of First Citizens made it four in a row, having not been beaten in any of the four stages for the last 3 years, and now taking the 1st race for 2015 in 23.28, taking on all newcomers on the day, and making light work of the course, he said after. “It was an overwhelming feeling winning for yet another year making it four in a row.” Clem Jubrasingh of RBC followed in 2nd place in a time of 23.32 and Christopher Reid of Guardian Group in 24.49.

Aliyah Henry representing Republic Bank showed that she had the ALIYA-MARISA-HENRY2will, passion and determination returning after winning this race in 2014, in a time of 25.46 but only able to make it to the 3rd stage (Chancellor Challenge), having to quit after completing 95% of the Chancellor hill after an injury she sustained. She returned in 2015 and has registered her 1st win in the 4-part series competition in a time of 26.58.

Things only get faster and steeper from here, it’s not the strongest or necessarily the fastest that makes it through these four event series, but those who are most skilled and have that perfect strategy to counter all the versions of the courses in the series which culminates at Sevilla Golf course in Couva with the famed Sevilla cross country race.

 Next event, Wednesday April 29, 2015 will be the CariFin One mile on the sand track.

We would like to thank the following sponsors who have supported us so far. Bluewaters the official water of the games. Subway, Brixel Design Studio, Unicom, Lezama Electrical, TATEC Limited and Topmark Limited.

The CariFin Games main objective is the promotion of health and fitness among the staff of the Financial Services sector, creating closer networking, friendship and camaraderie and that competitive spirit in sports.

The nine teams participating in CariFin Games this year are:
First Citizens
Grace Kennedy
Guardian Group
IBL Bank
Republic Bank
Unit Trust Corporation