CariFin Games dance Off


CariFin Posseeee!!

Bring yuh partner and come…

Join us as we bring the down the curtain down on a successful 2018 CariFin Games with our annual Dance-off  competition on Sunday, May 20th,
Last year, ANSA Financial Services wowed us with their seamless choreography and energetic performance to take the top spot
Will they have a repeat or will a new dance-off champion be crowned!?
If you and your partner think you’ve got what it takes to dethrone ANSA, here’s what you need to know:

Dance Off 2018 Rules and Criteria

  • Early registration is ideal however same day registration will be accepted
  • A maximum of two mixed couples per institution shall participate in the dance-off competition.
  • Participants shall be judged on their proficiency in executing their dance moves to different genres of music.

There is a points system that the judges will use to ascertain the best dancing couple.

The following is the Criteria to be used by the Judges: 

  • Ability – The skilful execution of the dance moves.
  • Versatility – The ability to transition through different genres of music.
  • Compatibility – The chemistry and synchronisation between the couple.
  • Spirit of Carifin  – The joie de vivre, exuberance and enjoyment that embodies CariFin
  • Crowd Response