CariFin Novelty 2017


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On May 28th 2017, In keeping with CariFin’s motto of Fun, Fitness, Friendship, employees and their families from 10 major financial institutions gathered at Sevilla Golf Course for the Carifin Family Day, the closing event that marks the culmination of the CariFin’s Games various events. Vying for coveted bragging rights for a year, each team came out and gave it their all, however, in the end, when the dust settled one team emerged victorious gaining 34 pts from the novelty events and that team was The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, with ANSA Financial Services coming in 2nd with 26pts and Republic Bank RBL coming in 3rd with 14pts.

While some of CariFin’s events can be highly competitive and especially gruelling, pushing its participants to their limits, the novelty events provide a good balance, adding a healthy dose of laughter and fun into the mix. The participating institutions and their teams competed in seven events inclusive of the epic Tug of War competition. The events were Musical Trivia, The Four Legged Race, The Novelty Relay, Snatch and Handover, Age Group Relay and Blow, Buss it then Sack and of course the Tug of War. Each team brought their A-game some winning individual events even though they did not win overall. Each event carried a weight of 16pts that was distributed among the participants based on how they took part and the institution with the most pts won overall.

Event Scores

The Four Legged Race:

The three person team (two females, one male) from this year’s 1st  place football winners Scotiabank also snagged the most points (7pts) in this event, with Ansa Financial coming 2nd with 5pts and Central Bank gaining 3pts. Honourable mention is First Citizens gaining 1pt.

Age Group Relay:

Central Bank’s four person team passed the baton the fastest to obtain 7pts and come in 1st, with Ansa Financial gaining 5pts and Guardian Group 3pts. Honourable mention is RBL obtaining 1pt

Musical Trivia:

The home of the male 2nd place Aerobics winner, Guardian Group taxed their musical expertise to gain 7pts in this category, while First Citizens gained 5pts and Ansa Financial gained 3pts. Honourable mention is UTC obtaining 1pt.

The Novelty Relay:

Yet again the Central Bank grabbed the top spot as their four person team hula-hooped and piggy-backed their way to the lead with 7pts. Republic Bank was fast on their heels with 5pts and Ansa Financial with 3pts. Honourable mention is Guardian Group gaining 1pt.

Blow, Buss it then Sack:

The day’s overall champions Central Bank yet again snagged the most points in this event (7pts), with UTC gaining 5pts and FCB gaining 3pts. Honourable mention is RBL gaining 1pt.

Snatch and Handover:

This year’s All Fours winners Republic Bank snatched top spot in this event with 7pts, while Ansa Financial took 5pts and Central Bank 3pts. Honourable Mention is Scotia Bank gaining 1pt.

Tug of War (Finals):

Central Bank – 7pts

Ansa Financial – 5pts

First Citizens – 3pts

Institution Central Bank Ansa Financial Republic Bank First Citizens
The Four Legged Race 3 5 1
The Novelty Relay 7 3 5
Snatch and Handover 3 5 7
Musical Trivia


3 5
Blow, Buss it then Sack 7 1 3
Age Group Relay 7 5 1
Tug of War (Finals) 7 5 3


When the sun set that day though exhausted the participants walked away with a lot more than just trophies’ or medals, the gained self awareness, confidence and kept true to the Carifin motto: they had fun, made and cemented friendships and excelled and put the limits of their fitness.