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We Need Volunteers

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We need volunteers to work alongside CariFin Games organisers who need extra support in making sure the 2017 Games are a success!

The work is varied and really rewarding.
Can you commit to work for a 13-week term?
Contact our volunteer organiser on



•  Volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t volunteer – doctors should recommend it.

•  96% of volunteers say that it “makes people happier”.

•  95% of volunteers say that volunteering is related to feelings of wellbeing.

•  Volunteering results in a “helper’s high”, a powerful physical and emotional feeling experienced when directly helping others.

•  Just a few hours of volunteer work makes a difference in happiness and mood.

•  Sustained volunteering is associated with better mental health.

•  Altruistic emotions and behaviours are associated with greater well-being, health, and longevity.

•  A strong correlation exists between the well-being, happiness, health, and longevity of people who are emotionally kind and compassionate in their charitable helping activities.

•  The experience of helping others provides meaning, a sense of self-worth, a social role and health enhancement.

•  Volunteering is highly associated with greater health and happiness


Please send us an email with your resume at

Also, you can also log on to this page for additional info: Click

The deadline for submitting your Resume is April 12, 2017. All submissions will be acknowledged via email.

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to receiving your Resume!



Meet Sade Jones

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CARIFIN 2017 !!!!!!! I’M SUPEREXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!


“Non nobis solum sed omnibus”: “Not for ourselves only but for others”

Ms SadeHi Guys,
Greetings to you all Ms. Sade Jones here reporting live from the Volunteer Front of CARIFIN GAMES 2017. As the CARIFIN 2016 Spirit of The Games Winner, it brings me no greater joy than to be on the serving end of the spectrum this year. It was a truly humbling experience last year competing and being victorious in the face of personal adversity, the games unearthed a level of strength and endurance that seemingly lay dormant, a sleeping giant as it were.

Alas! My letter to you comes on the cusp of this great tournament. I implore you my Gladiators, as in days of old in the great Colosseum in Rome that this year revives the Spirit of a Golden Era long forgotten. An era marked by fierce competition, passion for sport, chivalry, valor and above all honor….in other words let’s get out there and have some Fun!!! My hope for you is simply this: that you be transformed, that you grow, that you forge long lasting bonds of brotherhood not so easily broken by the mere conclusion of these games. Beloved in closing, in the great words of one of my philosophical counterparts LET THE GAMES BEGIN…………