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Meet Victra George

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Victra George

Meet Victra!

Hi, my name is Victra and I am excited to be a member of the CariFin Volunteer Program for 2017.

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I enjoy all types of sports and physical activities and I believe that when you workout, you should have fun, that’s why I’m excited about the CariFin games as it brings that fun and friendly touch competition among those of the financial sector, while they workout!!

I believe that physical fitness is important in your everyday life and I encourage many people as I can to make exercise a part of their daily routine. I also enjoy seeing the changes in individuals as they pursue their fitness goals as this motivates them to continue on their journey.
I look forward to working with this year’s team of volunteers and engaging in the fun with my peers!!







Wayne-Roberts“2015 was the first year we invited volunteers to CariFin Games and after seeing the difference they made and the value they brought to changing the face of the games we made a clarion call to them again in 2016.

Last year being the landmark 25th anniversary of the Games many memorable moments we have enjoyed when the ideas, creativity, resourcefulness and sacrifice of the volunteer either saved the day, improved a situation or changed something totally around for the better.

Having volunteers in the Games before the actual event meant they were involved in the planning, the brain storming and contributing to the creativity and innovation that the 25th anniversary has become known for.
For the 25th anniversary we introduced a number of things to coincide with the landmark achievement or simply to improve on the experience and it was the resources within the volunteer rank that formed and shaped them into fruition.

I clearly remember when planning the route for the torch relay and it was a volunteer that brought resources to bear on the project to give us the 1st route that was graphically represented on a map.


CariFin Games Volunteers team for 2016

The volunteer t-shirt colour for 2016 was pink and seeing the numbers out from the 1st event – The Torch Relay – gave that sense of support and management to Games and brought out a renewed spark to our core expression – “Fun, Fitness & Friendship.”

Planning for the final event at Sevilla Golf Course it was a volunteer again standing in the gap for the team and asking if we had a standby generator for the Games and the answer was no. On her insistence we prudently put same in place. Again intuition and foresight saving the day as the location electricity went 2 hours into the proceedings.

Long hours, as we huddle over our laptop in meetings via Google Hangout as we shared screens and listened to each other’s points of view as we made and shaped tasks in the form and fashion we wanted.

IMG_9251Every successful event or venture was filled with joy and celebration for the volunteers as we all worked as a team and pulled together to make CariFin Games 2016 yet another success and taking the Games to higher level, lifting the expectation of the participants, teams and sponsors.

In 2017 we are again making that call to all who enjoy giving back to their community via volunteering or those who want to for probably the first time experience what it is to volunteer for a sporting event.”

Wayne Roberts, Chief Organiser, CariFin Games

You are cordially invited to join our Volunteer Academy for CariFin Games 2017.

CariFin Games 2017 offers several exciting opportunities for you to get involved in and offer support, by contributing to the organizing, planning and running of the Games.

We are recruiting volunteers for the positions of:

Time Commitment & Work Location:
This role is very flexible and can fit around your personal time.

Qualities and Skills Required:
Enthusiastic individuals with a genuine interest in positive social change. This role requires persons who are passionate, visionary, forward-thinking, pro-active with a problem-solving attitude and the ability to work independently with great efficiency, excellent people and communication skills and who is eager to develop their own skills and experience or work portfolio.

CariFin Games Offers:
1. A great opportunity to make this role your own and be part of an amazing team and culture, shaping a nationally cherished event that will make a big impact in the community and to the lives of its participants.
2. An opportunity to enhance your work portfolio that will look good on your CV and provide you with further opportunities.
3. A reference for any future employer or training course.
4. Thanked on our website and social media (once designed) as one of our Volunteers.
5. So much more than just a volunteer role.


The itinerary of events that form part of CariFin Games 2017, and which spans from end of March 2017 – end of May 2017, are a myriad of super fun-filled experiences with a lot of innovation and new initiatives, which will make volunteering for CariFin Games 2017 both a learning and rewarding experience for you.

Each event promises to provide a total sense of satisfaction as you incorporate and apply your skills and creative value in very tangible ways. You will certainly boost your work profile and experiences through your involvement. Together we can provide an environment in which you can see the satisfied and happy smiling faces of our participants-athletes as they each pass the finishing line.


Please send us an email with your resume at

Also, you can also log on to this page for additional info: Check Here

There is a downloadable ebook with information on the various positions for you to choose from.

The deadline for submitting your Resume is February 25, 2017. All submissions will be acknowledged via email.

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to receiving your Resume.





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