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Kris Deonanan, a Guardian Group Representative, is a well-known, committed runner of CARIFIN GAMES. Ever since participating from 2015, he has made a reputation for himself and his company. Placing 1st in the Cross-Country Male has put him in the limelight as well as his company. With being in CARIFIN 3 consecutive years, he has shown not only loyalty and persistence but explains what he loves about CARIFIN and also what we can expect from him in future CARIFIN games.

On May 28th, 2017, for the CARIFIN Cross-Country Run, which took place in Sevilla Golf Course, Couva, Mr. Kris Deonanan placed 1st. Placing high expectations on himself, he maintained one goal and became champion of this race. He also finished third place in the Queen’s Park Savannah One Lap and the Green Mile Run and 2nd in the Chancellor Challenge.

From what has been said about Mr. Deonanan, he is family oriented and encourages as many financial companies to join CARIFIN games. He loves the fact that CARIFIN isn’t just about competition. He loves that it is a more fun-based organization where he gains more knowledge about other financial institutions as well as the fitness, friendship and comfort that they provide.

What he would add/take away from all of this? To train harder to become better! But for 2018 expect Mr. Deonanan to come out in full force where he would be currently training to defend his overall number one position for 2018 as well as training regime where more long runs would be added including improved times and better placement.

Positivity, perseverance as well as a better performance from Mr. Kris Deonanan is expected for 2018 and there would be so much confidence placed by not only him but his company, Guardian Group to defend their title as well as more participation in other events to make them overall champions of CARIFIN Games 2018.

What we can learn from Kris here is that there is always room for improvement to do better. Also that we mustn’t take everything so seriously and that we can always leave room for fun and activities and that being positive and having a positive mindset will get you far places as well as remaining humble, and that being family oriented is one way to be a part of the CARIFIN family.



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Kris Deonanan might not have secured the top spot in any of the races he participated in at last year’s CariFin Games.
But with a winning attitude and a positive outlook, the Guardian Group representative was able to feature in the top 3 ranking of runners and was awarded the title of Most Improved Runner 2016. A participant since 2015, Kris has made remarkable strides. Like a magic seed planted on fertile soil he has kept improving. What we would all like to know is how did he do it? What motivated him beyond the ordinary level and what pushed him to challenge himself and represent Team Guardian in such an extraordinary way?
Could he be the next great runner to come out and represent Guardian Group, and really make a mark in CariFin for some time to come?
But more importantly, what lessons can we learn from him?
Sharing his experience at a prize distribution event, Kris revealed a thing or two about his preparations, challenges and goals that might be of benefit to runners participating in this year’s games. Catch Kris’ telling his experience at prize distribution

 kris at the start


Kris adopted a strong desire to improve in his running for 2016.
He began training and remained committed and consistent in his training program. For any athlete participating in a sporting event, a strong desire to achieve and dedication is necessary. Kris displayed both qualities.


Kris admitted to feeling upset seeing other competitors passing him in the races. But rather than dwelling on it, he used it as motivation to begin training harder, prepare and be more competitive


As he says in his speech, Kris used the advice and words of encouragement from CariFin Fitness Club Chairman Wayne Roberts to further motivate him and push him to compete harder.


Kris aimed to emulate former Guardian Group representative Ryan O’Neil who was the company’s star runner. He wanted to follow in O’Neil’s footsteps and also used this as motivation.


Kris remained positive throughout his training, despite negative memories of seeing other runners passing him during the races. He used this negative imagery in a positive way to push himself through those tough days when he didn’t feel like training or his morale was low.


Kris has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to make fun of himself at times. He doesn’t let bad days or less than favorable outcomes get the better of him or prevent him from achieving his goals. He tends to see the humor in tough situations and use to inspire and motivate himself.


Kris’ ability to share his experience in a humorous and engaging way is a great asset. It means others can connect with him on an authentic level and learn from him.

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