Miss CariFin 2018

ON THE ROAD TO SEVILLA…here we come!

Miss CariFin Fitness Pageant 2018

The countdown is on to the biggest fitness event within Trinidad and Tobago’s financial sector – The CariFin Games. Around this time – leading-up to the grand finale – all stakeholders should be getting ready to come out and represent their teams.  The stakes are high, as competitors prepare themselves to vie for various fitness titles and bragging rights. Amongst the titles and most sought-after is the ‘Miss CariFin 2018’.

The Miss CariFin 2018 competition has already gotten off the ground with the delegates having participated in earlier events such as the ‘Torch Relay,” “Aerobathon,” “Chancellor Challenge” and many more, which earned them pre-Games points.
This ‘all-female’ competition, is guaranteed to live up to the hype, seeing strong competitors such as Aprill Lewis of team Ansa Financial Services, Cadajah Spencer, Central Bank of T&T, Kadesha Charles, Republic Bank Ltd., and Staceyanne Jack, First Citizens, all ready and able to receive the crown from last year’s winner, Falomi Marcano (FC).

This year’s Miss CariFin competition includes six categories, one of which will make its official debut on the day of the Games. This new category is entitled “Athleisure Wear – Fashion,” which gives the delegates an opportunity to display their dedication to fitness through fashion. Each delegate is asked to be fully-attired in what they deem ‘suitable’ for a day of FUN, FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP. Delegates can showcase their own sense of style bearing in mind, it must be functional and appropriate for the occasion.

With the category comprising four sections: Head Gear can range from du-rags to sweat bands with the respective company’s logo; Body Wear can be any practical outfit for running, jumping and other physical activities done on the day, with delegates cognizant that outfit/s-of-choice must not be too revealing or suggestive given the Games being a family affair; Foot Wear requires the use of comfortable shoes, preferable sneakers; and Overall Style speaks to how each article of clothing when worn by the delegates, compliments each other and completes the entire ‘fitness look’.

Want to increase points?
It will help tremendously, if delegates explain their choice of brand, style and functionality and, why that particular model.

As time draws nearer to May 20th, each delegate is advised to eat appropriately-balanced meals, maintain exercise regimen to boost endurance, practice their Question-and-Answer skills, and look forward to having FUN, FUN, FUN.

On the Road to Sevilla…here we come!



Miss CariFin


In 2004, the CariFin Games proudly introduced a segment to its overall competition – highlighting the most athletic females within Trinidad and Tobago’s financial sector, entitled ‘Miss CariFin’.

The Miss CariFin title has been awarded thus far, to fourteen of the most outstanding women throughout the years, who demonstrated significant levels of physical and mental fitness, both prior to and during the club’s main event, CariFin’s Family Day.

This year – 2018, the Miss CariFin contestants are not only required to undergo mental and physical challenges, but will be introduced to a new category which engages their sense of style.

Additionally, apart from the winner being a CariFin’s ‘poster child’ for Health and Wellness – encouraging her colleagues to adopt a more active lifestyle, while she continues to embrace and share the club’s values of FUN, FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP – she can also become a brand ambassador for a leading sport-gear company.

The Miss CariFin competition has, to date, blossomed into the most highly-anticipated event throughout the Games

 Miss CariFin contestants are kindly asked to note the following categories. Each category is broken down into subsections and carries no between 15 to 25 points.   


Each contestant is encouraged to take part in as many of the events leading up to the main event — the Family Day — as points will be awarded for her participation. There are 10 events, and Miss CariFin’s participation also gains points towards her team’s overall score.


On the day of the Family Day, each team’s tent will be visited and scored by the judges who will observe each Miss Carifin. Points are awarded for how she receives/greets them, introduces herself and tent, and describes her team and tent.

2) FASHION [Athleisure wear) -20points

The ‘Glitz and Glam’ category has been added to the competition. What is Miss Universe without her evening gown? In the same vein: What is Miss CariFin without her athleisure wear? This category gives each representative a chance to display her athleisure wear; its practicality and relevance to her team’s theme; and an opportunity to become a brand ambassador for any sporting-wear company by way of encouraging sponsorship, use of their wear and using the event as a marketing and sales venue.

3) AEROBICS -20 points -20points

This 15-minute routine gives competitors the opportunity to display agility, endurance, coordination and flexibility. It also creates a level of self-awareness of one’s ability and form.

4) DANCE ROUTINE   -25points

During the Family Day, each representative must lead a group of 3-10 team members in a three-minute routine. Points will be awarded for synchronization, choreography and creativity. Facial expressions and enthusiasm are also key.

5) QUESTION-AND-ANSWER [Q&A]- 20points

During the Family Day, each participant will be judged on poise and intellectual ability when called upon to provide an answer to specially-prepared question. Each answer should be no longer than ONE MINUTE.