Tessa Weekes

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Tessa Weeks


A hat trick!

In 2016, 2017 and now 2018, I walked away with the Carifin Cross-Country Female Walker prize!
It was not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the competition grew fiercer year-on-year. Minutes before this year’s race, offers of alcohol were made to me to distract me from my goal to achieve victory in 2018. Little did they know that they had a fighting chance as I had been unable to maintain my usual training regimen for the three (3) weeks prior to the Cross-Country Walk.
I attribute my wins at the Cross-country walk event to my consistency and dedication at my Bootcamp training (which I indulge for 5 days a week). Training is fun for me and has me ready at a moment’s notice for any event that arises.
I am thankful to Republic Bank for continuing to support Carifin and I am proud to have contributed to the bank’s overall success in 2016, 2017 and hopefully 2018.


Tessa Weekes at CariFin Volunteer Appreciation Function

My name is Tessa Weekes – a CariFin participant and Walking Champion.

I am pleased to be here today to relay thanks to the volunteers for their support at the games.

Volunteers are a special group of individuals who give of their time and talents for little reward or recognition. We are here today to rectify the latter. The planning and coordination of events take a lot of energy, drive, and passion. The proper execution of these events requires all hands on deck…you, the volunteers.

Volunteering is a very important responsibility which should not be taken lightly as your service determines the viability of the games. It is a thankless job and requires a lot of commitment on your part. But there is an upside to volunteering; as many studies have demonstrated helping others provides you with a sense of purpose and makes you happy; a little stressed, but still happy in the end.

We the participants may not realize all the work that goes on behind the scenes and in the forefront to ensure the success and continuity of the games. With your assistance and coordination, you the volunteers make this possible. I am reminded of the old adage ‘good help is hard to find’ but within the last 10 years of my participation, CariFin has had a consistent core of volunteers, for which we the participants are extremely grateful.

During the games, participants sometimes never get the opportunity to say thanks to all those who offer assistance, no matter the size of the contribution. So today on behalf of the participants I offer you the volunteers my heartfelt thanks for the excellent job that you do and hope for your continued support of the games.

Thank you