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Governor Rambaran to lead off CariFin Torch Relay. Jwala Rambaran, Governor of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago would lead off with the Torch at the Torch Relay, which marks the start of the CariFin Games 2013. CariFin’s Torch Relay is usually the first event which kicks off the competition, as participating teams of the financial services sector gather in front of Central Bank, the starting line for the event, to represent their organization and show full support towards the annual games. The Torch passes along a route where all participating institutions are a passing point. The 10 participating teams for the event are: Agricultural Development Bank, CITI, Central Bank, First Citizens, Guardian Holdings Limited, Intercommercial Bank Limited, RBC, Republic Bank Limited, Sagicor and Scotiabank. The leaders of these financial institutions, over the past few years, have supported this venture and continued to show their support. Among the financial leaders to be part of the Torch Relay and the CariFin Games, would be Nigel Baptiste, Executive Director of Republic Bank, and Ms. Joan John Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, just to name a few. This year the organizing committee felt a change was necessary for the games and a new route was selected. Traditionally it would have run along the route, from Central Bank along the Eastern main road, unto the Southern main road, through Chaguanas to its final location at Republic Bank Couva. The new route selected would now take the Torch from Central Bank, Independence Square, towards the nine other institutions. IBL to ADB, then FCB, Sagicor, Citi Bank, the torch would then be handed over in front of RBC to RBL, Scotia bank and of to the final leg by GHL where the relay finishes at GHL Head Office in Westmoorings. The CariFin games would be taking place on the following dates:


Get ready! as CARIFIN  Games kicks of its series of sporting events, beginning with the Torch Run Relay. The Torch Run relay, signals the start of activity in the CariFin (Caribbean Financial Institution) Games. These games were started to promote individual responsibility to personal health and fitness, to encourage team work and closer collaboration in the high stress financial landscape. This is the 21st anniversary of this activity and our focus remains the same that we take the necessary action to maintain maximum health, fitness, strength and agility.For those unfamiliar, the Torch Run Relay will start from Central Bank Trinidad and Tobago and end at Republic Bank, Couva.
A great turnout of participants are expected this year with regular prominent faces in the financial industry expected to participate. The lighting of the Torch and the start of it on its 14 leg Journey to Republic Bank Couva symbolizes that “Fun, Fitness and Friendship”our watch words in CariFin is taking center stage as we connect the urban center to the Industrial center. We usually have a send off for the Torch with senior representation from all participating institutions present.
Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Joan John have confirm her presence to send off the Torch. There would be a Photo shoot, following a lighting of the Torch by the former 4 time CariFin cross country race champion Nikosi Mc Leish (The most celebrated male runner of CariFin) The present Ms. CariFin, Esla Anthony would then begin the journey of the Torch as part of the Team CBTT contingent.
Quick Interview Karen Dowden
1.What was it like participating in the Torch Run Relay?
Fun stuff.

2.What did you do to prepare your body for the event?
I normally run twice a week (down from 3 to 4 times) and do aerobics, dragon boat etc so I use my grit after the physical energy gets low.

3.Will you be participating again this year?
Yes just the first part

4.If you could make any changes to the Torch Run Relay, what would it be?
Maybe change the route; we keep doing the same thing every year. Need a new outlook!

The Torch Run Relay will be help on April 14th, 2012 at 6:45 am.


CariFin Games Update:

The Organizing committee had 3 meeting so far and things are happening at a terrific pace as we try to get ready for the April 14, 2012 Torch Relay start.

Coming out of those meetings we felt certain changes need to be made to better manage and market the event.
Starting off with the renaming of the Urban Challenge. With all the hype that the Urban Challenge has been getting with the media attention and the growth being realize over the last two year it was hard to tie it in with the Sevilla cross country and Family Day which seems to some as so far away.

Many participants and some institutions feels ‘The Sevilla’ experience is too far away both timing and distance/location (the classic response is anything pass Grand Bazzar is too far). The supposedly climaxing of the Urban Challenge experience with its independent prize category and points structure doesn’t motivate many to go the extra mile to get to Sevilla for the grand finale.

Rebranding, re-connecting and more promotion by the internal institution management committee and CariFin Organizing committee seem necessary if we are to have any major changes.

The Urban Challenge as a brand did serve us well in terms of a popular byte size word rolling off the lips and conjuring up the idea of the urban inhabitants getting up from their desk and coming out of their offices and challenging themselves to get active and fit. We felt it was time to call the particular events by their own names and drop the Urban Challenge.
Basically what we have is 7 events all together making up the CariFin Games. Each event has its own significance and weight but equally important as part of the CariFin Games.

Before we go any further and to help us to understand where we are going with the above idea let me add here that the theme of this year’s game is “The connextion of Fun, Fitness and Friendship.” Last year was the Xplosion this year is the Connextion.

Probably to begging fixing the problem with the low levels of participation and interest in the Final Event of the Games is start by correcting the disconnection between the 7 events and weaving Fun, fitness and Friendship to connect the separate parts.

This calls for all participating institution to be aware of what the organizing committee is trying to do and give their support.

We have a re-brand the connection between the events and now we need to agree to have some rules and guides-lines to work with and points to takes us right through to the end of the Games.
If we are to ever realize or come close to our dreams,  some general consensus must exist.

To achieve our dream of that, “Connection of Fun, Fitness and Friendship,” we need to have all participating institutions agree to participate in all the events.
The first event the Torch Relay we would appreciate if all teams could have representation and participation by senior staff as part of the official Torch Ceremony to set the Torch on its journey from Port of Spain Central Bank to Couva Republic Bank.
Each team should have other staff representing at the beginning.
Teams should do at least one of the official legs of the relay.
All teams should have representation at the end.

By participating in the Torch Relay team should gain points to carry to the next stage or event of the Games, which would be added, based on how they performed

The momentum and drive as we participate on a rather weekly basis should see all teams gathering points and gear up for the final event to crown the champion team of the games.

The Games should be based on performance and not necessarily the size of the teams; also punctuality should be a major clause as we look to improve the user experience at the CariFin Games.

The champion runner of the games should have points from the 3 running events added to the cross-country event. The champion runner in CariFin is the best out of four events. Same for the walker, it is the best of four events.

Next week we would look at the point structure.