Tug of War

Tug-Of-War Showdown

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Tug-Of-War Showdown


CariFin Crew we are on the home stretch, ‘On the Road to Sevilla.”

The much anticipated CariFin Cross Country and Family Day gets underway on Saturday, May 20, 2018.  The action kicks off from 10:00 am and promises a day full of vibes and plenty action!!!

We all know that the Tug-of-War competition, is one of the signature events of day, creating high energy, excitement and friendly rivalry as teams go head to head, to prove the strength of their institutions

2017 Tug-of-War Champions, CBTT will be coming with a vengeance, pulling out all the stops to secure the win. It is alleged that they will be dressed is suits made of ‘vibranium’ to give them added strength to ensure they retain victory.

ANSA Financial Services, First Citizens, JMMB, RBL, Guardian Group, Sagicor, RBC, ALLYUH TAKING THAT?!?

Get in your Section!!!

Organise your teams!!! (see rules below)

Put in your practice!!!

And meet us in Sevilla for the ultimate Tug-of-War showdown!!!

Tug-Of-War Rules

·      A team shall consist of five males and three females with one male and one female being reserves, ten in total.

·      The names of the ten-member tug-o-war team for each participating institution must be listed and handed to the Novelty Events Coordinating team on Saturday, May 20, 2018.