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shared-experience2Volunteers have been an integral part of the success of Carifin Games. Since we first invited them in 2015 to date, Volunteers continue to be part of the DNA and the lifeblood of the Games. Most importantly, our Volunteers are the face of the Games and by their efforts and commitment, always turn what could be a good sporting event, into a great success!

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Please submit a recent copy of your resume at admin@funfitnessfriendship.com

Interested in being part of this team that organizes CariFin Games hop on board as a contributor. Are you social media savvy, do you understand marketing on Facebook or Instagram or any of the other social media platforms, or are you a writer…  you can contribute to our blog, now is the time to hop on board and make that contribution. Please send resume to admin@funfitnessfriendship.com
All submissions will be acknowledged via email or phone call.
Thank you in advance, and we look forward to receiving your Resume.

We are waiting to welcome you onboard