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That One Big Push!

by carifinman · 0 comments

That One Big Push

O.K. Guys and Gals, it’s 2011!
You have been participating in CariFin for a while now, maybe 2, 3, 4 years or even more.  You may or may not have that clearly marked out goal as to the particular position or thing you would like to do or accomplish in CariFin and in sports in general.
Maybe it is just that feeling or sense of something bigger you feel when you are training for that position, accomplishment or the praise and respect of your peers. .
You may have it all marked down and are committed to it.  You want to do well or win your age-group, be the most improved or challenge for the top three. Maybe you’ll to go on to win outright.
Achieving or accomplishing this, no doubt. Would give you the respect and admiration of your peers and colleagues.  Prove to all and sundry that you have it.  You can do it.
In 2011 you may need to look deeper inside of yourself and find that ‘One Big Push’. The ‘One Push’ that would see you put together that kind of quality and commitment to your training and concern for proper diet and nutrition.
Perhaps you need to do things differently, maybe get a coach, and join a club, team up with a buddy to give that ‘One Push’!

Take ‘One Push’ from inertia… Take ‘One Push’ from procrastination and loss of focus. Steer yourself up the hill to personal accomplishment and victory.
In 2011 there are many things you could aim for or target in CariFin as accomplishments or milestones as you move forward to give that ‘One Push’ to reach that higher level of performance.

As an individual the bright lights and the rarified air of the top three spots in the Urban Challenge and the Cross Country events (2 laps for women and 3 laps for men) could well be where your talent and level of fitness are calling. Or, it may lie just outside that magical circle in the Top 10 category which   is the filter or catchment for all would- be champions of CariFin who are prepared to give that ‘One Push’.

The age groups are a pretty competitive area that you could aim to conquer and use as a stepping stone to go on to higher glory as you stand out in your category. Are you ready to give that ‘One Push’ in 2011?
Perhaps you are new and fresh, fast on your feet, just bursting on the CariFin scene. You might just win the best first- timer trophy. You participated already but this year if you’ll give that ‘One Push’ you can excel over those who participated last year.  You can win the ‘Most Improved’ trophy.!

Don’t be daunted… there are many niche areas in CariFin where you can excel and move on. This is the nature and scope of the CariFin grand scheme of things.
The very Urban Challenge was conceived as a plan, a way or means to get people fitter and up to the level to participate in CariFin Cross Country at Sevilla Golf course. Thus higher levels of participation could be achieved at Sevilla resulting in a more successful event. All are encouraged to give that ’One Push’ and stoke that natural fire of competition in all of us.
The Urban Challenge has evolved to be a showcase, a stage, an opportunity, a place of excitement, a gallery of achievements. It’s a close- up view! There’s instant appreciation of friends and colleagues   creating that talking point. That Connection!
There is ‘One Big Push’ waiting inside of you ……. just keep believing …… Just keep pushing!

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