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The 1 Lap Savannah is Here!

by carifinman · 0 comments

Mark Your Calendar the CariFin 1 Lap Savannah is Coming!!!

IMG_1008On the heels of a successful Torch Relay, we eagerly look forward to the start of the competitive action in about 2 weeks time  on Wednesday April 13. All the participating teams would be meeting at approximately 5pm by the Queen’s Park Savannah opposite TGI where the CariFin Games 25th Anniversary Games looks to go into competition mode with its first event –  The 1 lap Savannah.

This event is definitely highly anticipated by the participating teams of the financial services sector and everyone would have a goal in mind to win for their company and eventually take the overall Champion Trophy at the end of the 2016 Games. As we enter this first stage, each team member would have to ask themselves if they have the drive and determination to maintain that competitive fire throughout all the 10 CariFin events. It would also be exciting to see who would be putting their best foot forward as the battle for the best male and female athlete along with all other individual honours commences at the sound of the starter’s gun on April 13th.

Team Guardian came out the gates in 2015 hitting hard with a win in the male category RyanWinningTeamGG O’Neal made the 2.28 miles Savannah look easy with his flowing running style. This initial win was a sign of things to come, as he continued to rampage unstoppable throughout the 2015 Games by taking the overall male title and cross country champion as well as the most improved. Unfortunately, he has left the Ryan-O'Neil-WinnersGuardian Group to join the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and as such, he has left a void at the top of the leader board. Since he would not be here to defend his titles against all the other teams and competitors, it would only be speculation as to who would be taking the gold for 2016 and walking away the headline new position in the games in the male category… it is a big guessing game right now!

Unless we are able to research the full field after the registration process we would be at a disadvantage of only wait and see situation. RBC’s Jedidiah Benjamin Jedidiah-Benjaminshowed stellar promise over the last two years and maybe he is ready to shine after successful performances in the 2014 and 2015 CariFin Games. Jedidiah, in 2014 was able to accomplish 1st place in the 1 Lap Savannah, 2nd in  the Green Mile, 4th place at the Chancellor Challenge and 2nd in the Sevilla Cross Country. In 2015, he was just as competitive by placing 3rd in the 1 Lap Savannah, 2nd in the Green Mile, 3rd in the Chancellor Challenge and 5th in the Sevilla Cross Country. Now in 2016, we wait to see if he is he able to challenge all the other competitors enough to take top honors once again.

John Donaldson is one of those runners who have occupy the top position of CariFin Games before and continues to be consistent. Is he only about just maintaining his ranking among the top 5 men or still able to shoot for stardom and probably add another gold medal to his precious metal chest? We all would have to wait and see the outcome.

Susan-RusselIn 2015 female athlete, Susan Russell of RBC made light work of the female competition in the 1 Lap Savannah and she helped in putting RBC back into the limelight for female running after some lean years. After she was able to win the 1 Lap and the Green Mile, she faded down the pack and didn’t turn up for the finals.  The competition among the female athletes would be hot indeed with the re-introduction of Central Bank into CariFin Games after an absence of two years. Multiple CariFin champion, Wendy D’arbasie is no doubt feeling the excitement to return with a bang and make amends for those two long years of missed CariFin Glory.

The current crop of female runners include the 2015 Cross Country Adona-Josephwinners – 1st place Adona Joseph of Sagicor and 2nd place Jiletta Landeau of Guardian. These ladies are very strong especially on the hills and it would be interesting to see how the different terrains from event to event factors into the competition’s equation towards the overall gold as we go along.

For more information and analysis of the 2016 Games, stay tuned to as our writers and contributors craft some beautiful analysis of what you could expect as well as event-by-event reporting.

Please share your views and comment in the comment area below as we explore and express or views on the upcoming competition.


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