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The Biggest Loser Competition

by carifinman · 0 comments

The Biggest Loser competition.

Why a “Biggest Loser” competition?

The number one reason got to be that healthy employee is less expensive, miss less work, they have more energy and they don’t have as many medical bills.

So it is the interest of companies and institution with wellness groups, sport clubs with the assistance of the Human Resource department and marketing to have something like this going together with what other initiative they already have on the table.

So what is CariFin suggesting?

We hope that participating institutions would adopt this program for their office and drive some buzz and excitement towards greater participation in CariFin for 2010.

What are some of the things that would comprise a success“Biggest Loser” competition?

  • Basically number one weigh in at the same time on the same scale – meet once a week. This keeps things consistence and honest
  • (You got to take) Percentage of body weight loss, not the number of pounds. Take your actual weight and subtract it from what your current weight
  • Same scale at the same time. If it is at work it could be at 5 pm after work. Pick how many weeks it would be, it is normally 15 weeks some take 12 weeks.
  • The 1st weigh in would be on this day at this time. The final weigh will be on this day at this time.
  • You can join anytime any time during the first 3 weeks. All money to be paid during the weighing or prior to the following weighing
  • There should be a $1weigh in fee per week
  • A penalty of 1 added if your weight stays the same
  • If you miss a weigh in $1.00 this would be added to the weekly weigh in
  • If you gain weight you pay $1.00 for each pound gained
  • One person could win all the money or money could be donated.
  • Having team members as well as opposing team members
  • Make the weigh in public knowledge.
  • Publicly show the gains or decrease
  • A chart should be created to show the individual progress.
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