The CariFin Torch Run Relay and the “Fitness Enthusiast” The CariFin Torch Run Relay and the “Fitness Enthusiast” |

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The CariFin Torch Run Relay and the “Fitness Enthusiast”

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The CariFin Torch Run Relay and the “Fitness Enthusiast”

Loyalty shows when people come out, give an effort that is equal to or as good as their very best performance. without a promise of a prize or trophy. Gone are the days when events required not only skill and training but guts and confidence. Today we live in a time when our institutions’ sports and family days are watered down to just novelty and so-called fun events.
We can brag and say – without a doubt – that at the CariFin Torch Run Relay and Games in general this quality is alive. Loyalty abounds in abundance, it’s the main aspect at the Torch Run Relay each and every year.

This brings me to the point of our theme for the year – “Encouraging the Fitness Enthusiast.” The guy or gal whose big thrill is fitness, they are expending that energy and seeing it and feeling it redound to lift their spirit, create new sources of energy and contribute to their overall wellbeing . Thus giving them that self satisfaction that they are doing something good for themselves.

First there was a Miss Tessa Weeks of RBL – Trust and Asset Management Division who I noticed – would start out running and when she tired – would walk, and then run a little more. That would cover a big part of her leg. Then maybe take a rest in the bus… then for some reason jump back out of the van, run some more and continue the process over and over again.
She was basically using her present level of fitness (walking and jogging) and she was enjoying assisting in the whole effort of taking the CariFin Torch along its way.
Then we come to the formidable and experienced Clint Adiah from the RBL Ellerslie Park Branch. He makes the Torch Run Relay distance look like a song and dance, traversing the asphalt carpet of some 30 miles or so humming calypsos and dancing as one does when an infectious song begins to play. He is oblivious it seems to any distraction or side shows that may compete for his attention… only moving to the beat and rhythm that he created by his own footfall and cadence.

These are two types of heroes that emerge on the road …. The one who tries and gives their best enjoying the opportunity to carry the Torch … symbolized by the lighting of the flames that seems to always carry a deeper meaning than meets the eyes. We at CariFin Fitness Club like to think we are encouraging awareness by enforcing the principles of personal responsibility for one’s health and fitness.

On the other hand there is the more experienced and confident fitness enthusiast like Clint Adiah who encourages the younger less experienced, less confident torch bearer on the course…. He sometimes carries on short demonstrations on relaxed running or streams word of encouragement to newer members telling them, that they could do it or they can go the distance.

This also brings to mind another RBL fitness enthusiast, Mumtaz Amarali. She shares a similar attitude as Clint in her concern and care about the wellbeing of the new teams and members on the course. She looks out for everyone and we must mention that.

In conclusion … the fitness enthusiast is the kind of person who enjoys doing things to keep fit and at the same time sharing the goodness of the experience with others. This is what makes
recognizing the year of the fitness enthusiast so powerful. That’s why health, fitness and a more active lifestyle are uniquely important to the growth and development of the participating CariFin members. This is the magic formula, to make the workplace that desired place to attract employees’ attention, imparting important life changing information

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