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The CariFin Volunteer Experience

by carifinman · 0 comments

The Caribbean Financial Institution (CariFin) set out to attract volunteers for CariFin Games 2015.  A unique group of people with various skill sets who could sync/blend well together was sought after. A team filled with chemistry, ‘feeding off’ of each other’s efforts and pushing each other to perform. Through sacrifice of time and talent, these individuals would learn, engender and generate leadership skills, cooperation, innovation, creativity, team spirit and above all…friendship.


Standing (L-R): Ervin Beckles, Candice Blackman, Allison Field, Luenee lee Elisha, Tesson Bradshaw, Cicelyn Taylor, Jillele Allan, George Swann, , Charelle Chin-King, Ingle Watson, Cherisse Jones, Wayne Roberts Kneeling (L-R): Bobita Persad, Lucky Pinder, Ann Marie George, Darrion Ford

CariFin Volunteer Program is about creating a shared value and purpose through the interaction between our team and the participants. Many within the group have developed lifelong friendships.

Words cannot express how thankful we are to each person who responded to our call for Volunteers in CariFin Games 2015.  In this our 24th Edition of the games, we received resumes from individuals who were interested in not only sharing their vast knowledge but was also open to new experiences. Having such a strong participation from our volunteers enabled the participants, fans and sponsors to derive the maximum benefit from the games.

A team made up of mostly volunteers was a first for CariFin Games. The committee which consisted of team captains and liaisons from the participating institutions was extremely pleased with the outcome as the quality of this year’s management of the games was considered by many to be the best in years.  Volunteers said “It was really fun. This experience allowed me to work with a high performing team made up of University Graduates, Arthur Lok Jack Event Management Students, Media Personnel and Military Event Managers.”

While we take the opportunity to thank each volunteer, it is necessary to acknowledge a few who exceeded our expectations and assumed additional responsibilities which proved crucial to the success of the overall event.

Special mention to the following persons:

Volunteers at All-Fours

Colin Phillips, Bobita Persad, Tesson Bradshaw, Shellyann Bertrand & Luenee lee Elisha

Tesson Bradshaw for shouldering the responsibility and excelling in all expectations as the Head Events Manager over all the games. His confidence and leadership ability kept the teams focused and together. His flexibility ensured that he was able to assume any position that was required on the day of the event.

Ingle Watson’s video excellence was evident on the night of the prize giving. Her talent was highlighted with exciting and entertaining excerpts from the various events. Some of the best moments were highlighted on that night.

Darion Ford was responsible for photography. Many of our memories have been accentuated by some excellent shots taken during each and every event. The memories and posterity of the 2015 Games were well documented in photography.

Charelle Chin King performed a number of tasks including writing of articles, editing, provided analytics on excel spreadsheets and even served in an administrative capacity. She stayed the course and had a great input in the events before during and after the games.

Crisell Acres our Media Liaison, successfully organized our list of media house sports contacts in a concise and clear manner. She was very efficient in dealing with and responding to the various request and needs of the media. In many cases, she was responsible for the wider visibility that CariFin received from the media.

Ann Marie George wore many hats which included brainstorming on organization issues. Having been there at the beginning she created the event brochure, researched and documented the history of the Ms. CariFin Fitness Pageant competition, organized water transport and also assisted at the events.

Luenee lee Elisha attended the first meeting and was onboard from day one performing administrative duties, participating in the brainstorming sessions, note taking at meetings, registering the tasks completed by the volunteers and also volunteering at events.

Cicelyn Taylor was a great asset to the team. Upon her induction, she utilized her skill in setting up social media to establish and maintain a CariFin Instagram account. She answered the call to produce a high quality CariFin newsletter and was the manager of the Chancellor  Challenge.

Candice Maundy and Dhawren St. Bryce worked as a team to produce the graphics for the CariFin blog, newsletter and Facebook, etc. This greatly assisted in consistent CariFin branding and an increased professional image.

Jeanette Marcelle poses with her certificate of Appreciation

Jeanette Marcelle along with Leselle Roberts worked on the early graphic designs for the tickets for the CariFin fund raising cruise on the Harbour Master.  They also assumed duties as ‘liaison officers’ with Massy Motors Marketing team on the Chancellor Challenge event as Massy Motors was the “Official Vehicle” of the games.

Keila Fraser proved to be a good writer composing a couple of pieces for the CariFin blog.

Lucky Pinder’s attendance at some of the events was well appreciated as she did not allow the challenge of residing remotely from the event venue to keep her away.

George Swann for his enthusiasm as he did not allow his busy schedule of work and school to keep him from assisting with transport and setup and also from attending some events.

Shellyann Bertrand another enthusiastic person was ‘in’ from the word go.  She made her mark by understanding what was required of her and doing it to the best of her ability.

Cherisse Jones was very instrumental in ensuring that the key factor of safety for the event was in place.  She ensures that the medical personnel attended the events and on-time by providing venue addresses and directions. She also volunteered on the days of other events.

Colin Phillips though coming in at the later stages of the games was adept in ensuring that any unfinished tasks were completed on the day. He also assisted with the All Fours competition setup.

Bobita Persad’s task of ensuring our branding was visible at the events was well done and much appreciated. Serving in other capacities also ensured that the events flowed well and her assistance with the preparation of the Cricket and All Fours competitions was noticeable.


Ingle Watson, Tesson Bradshaw & Charelle Chin King

The CariFin Games prize distribution function was held in August 2015.  Three members of the CariFin team were recognized for their contribution to the inaugural CariFin Volunteer program. Tesson Bradshaw was recognized for his sterling contribution and leadership qualities, while Charelle Ching King was recognized for general and administrative functions.   Ms. Ingle Watson was honoured for her technological skills and video taping of the events.

The CariFin Games Organizing Committee would like to thank all the volunteers who gave their time and effort to CariFin Games 2015. Thank you for being part of the team responsible for creating value for the participants, the participating companies, the fans, and our sponsors. Without each volunteer’s assistance the improved quality that we experienced at the Games would not have been possible.

A heartfelt thanks to all and we welcome you back for 2016!

This is also a call to all those who want to be part of CariFin games 2015 to please sent your resume to as we get ready make the 25 anniversary of the games one to remember.

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