The Dream… 5 Cross Country wins The Dream… 5 Cross Country wins |

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The Dream… 5 Cross Country wins

by carifinman · 0 comments

The Dream…. Could he do it. Many had asked the question…. Some felt he was spent, too injured, too wounded from many years of pounding the on the road. Could he make it 5 in a row.

IMG_4763It was just a dream, a small dream when it started. Just as most seeds start, small but when dropped in rich moisture of the earth, they start to grow and develop into something big. This dream mirrored this reality, in the heart of this dreamer it found the imagination and passion to nurture, flourish and grow.

A dream to be the winner, the star, the dream of conquering everything, this was everything he dreamt for. The Games was coming up and the dream wouldn’t die. It bothered him every day and kept him awake most times at nights. Outburst with excitement, he would jump from his sleep as he sees himself chasing opponents in these duels in the night.

When he walked there was that bounce in his step, on his face was that smirk of a smile. In his eyes was that far away look, of a dreamer and in his posture was that proud movement of a great one.

The vision of him crossing the finish line bursting the tape and being crowned #1 was like a movie that occupied his mind daily. To be the champion to win at the Games was his passion.

It was the victor’s dream, the dream of becoming the champion of the Carifin Games 2013. To withstand all the competition and come out victorious, to be proclaim the best in the CariFin universe was all he ever pursued for.

It was a dream; it was a prayer, a prize he was never willing to share. He worked hard and all he ever hoped for was his prayers to be answered. You see to be a champion it takes more than chance, luck or great talent, the blessings must be with you and he knew it and he prayed; he had faith.

The obstacles in his way were many. Many times he tried to get up but injury and lack of confidence brought him NikoPaindown. But every failure had its inherent seed of success and he kept dreaming on, he kept trying. Never one day had he seen these challenges as means of giving up, he kept moving on.

Some how he felt the dream was real. This was too strong and compelling to be just a hoax or passing fad. Many times he would feel too discouraged to go out and train but the power of the Dream would tell him different. Often times he would see himself crossing the finish line, hands upraised and in first position, edging out his opponents, his name headlining in the papers, he making the evening news on television, his friends smiles are a gift for his success, countless emails showering him with praise. His intuition, feeling so proud of him, finally recognized his efforts with newsletters and other accolades on the intranet and personal congratulation from his superiors.

How he kept the fire of that passion burning for so long, no one knew. He was a whole man though, not egocentric, half crazy, or anything.

He performed well in every capacity that he had to perform in life. Career wise, on the domestic front, interpersonal areas, he got along well with everyone and was really liked by all.

But yet still he had a dream to be better than he was today, to take his game to higher level, to chase after stars in the night, to follow the dictates of his heart.

CariFin star and Cross Country Champion was the title he wanted to claim. He would be king of the financial services sector; it would herald him to unprecedented heights never attained before. Bragging rights to last a lifetime, and the social credibility it brings would be life changing.

The months changed into weeks and the weeks turned into days and the days turned in hours and the moment came.

He stands before the starting line, not the favorite, but one of the many contenders for the CariFin Cross Country title. Every institution had one or more representative.

The air was electric, the moment was epic, and hearts was racing. In a little over 21 minutes the truth would be revealed, was it the Dream? Or the reality?

The crowd was restless, the starter’s gun was in his hand, this was not a dream anymore, he wasn’t lying in his bed but was up on his two feet and facing the best of the financial universe, his heart pounding, sweat running down his face, his real opponents on the line with him.

Bow! And they were off, he had that little bounce in his stride, and that relaxation on his8876790890_db689e3959_b face that told him apart from the rest on that day, as he meandered into the distance the competition charging at his heels. He ran bravely, he ran with the pack, it was the race; it was epic, challenging, chilling and hair raising. The moment was energetic and riveting. This was the most exciting and closely fought final in the history of the Games.

Yes it was the Dream.

As it was in his dream when he hurled himself forward over the line to edge his opponents, same it was in this race. Relieved and overwhelmed with joy, he fell to the ground and look up into the evening’s twilight and relived that portion of his dream all over again.

The Dream had come true! The imagination of the mind had become a reality.




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