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The Governor’s Challenge Winners

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We care: Team ER D’ Clinical Crew establishes deep connections as they overcome Governor’s Challenge.

Team ER, 'D' Clinical Crew # 2 Team ER, 'D' Clinical Crew # 1

CariFin’s 2016 Governor’s Challenge called on members of the banking sector to form a ten-member team within their organization and give their best shots at CariFin’s four testing running/walking events.  Many opted to take on the gauntlet thrown down by the Governor, but in the end “Team ER, ‘D’ Clinical Crew” stood the tallest.

Team ER were definitely clinical in their execution in this year’s Governor Challenge as they overcame tough terrain, busy schedules and a few illnesses to endure CariFin’s four running/walking events.

Team ER, which hails from Central Bank, also operated with the slogan “We care,” and team member Amrita, explained that the team’s determination to win the Governor’s Challenge was fuelled by the togetherness and close bonds, which the group was able to establish during the competition.  Although they may have just known each other’s names and faces before the start of the competition, at the end they were much more acquainted with each other.

The CBTT employee took some time out of her busy schedule to give CariFin Fitness an account of how three gentlemen and seven ladies from ‘D’ Clinical Crew overcame the Governor’s Challenge at this year’s CariFin Games.

CariFin Media: I assume that you were the team leader…

Amrita Gosine: No, I was more like the cheerleader (laughs). Robert (Lopez) was actually our team leader.

CM: Well that’s not a bad thing.

CM: What was the name of your team?

AG: Our name was Team ER, ‘D’ Clinical Crew.

CM: Who came up with the name?

AG: Actually the captain Robert and the rest of the team contributed.  Our department is External Relations (ER) so we conceptualized that ER would be like Emergency for the hospital and that’s how we came up with the name ‘D’ Clinical Crew.  They came up with the tagline “We Care”, as well because it went with the whole hospital/emergency theme.  Our costume was dust masks and gloves.

CM: Who made up Team ER?

AG: It wasn’t our department only.  We also had people from other departments in our team it wasn’t just members from the External Relations Department. We had one person from Procurement, two persons from Banking, one person from HR and another person from IT, which is now FTIS.  The remaining five were from External Relations.

CM: What was your favorite event at the CariFin Games this year?

AG: I think I would have to say the Chancellor Challenge.

CM: What was your time at Chancellor like?

AG:  I think it was around 30 minutes.  I was a runner but I jogged.  I walked very fast (chuckles).  Every team has eight runners and two walkers.  So the runners take off first and then the walkers go after. The guys are runners beyond this event, as they do competitive running.  So Jeremiah, Robert and Elton went off and us girls took our time.

CM: How did you and your team train for the CariFin Games?

AG: When the team came together we started doing dry runs of the courses twice or three times a week.  For the Green Mile we went a few times because a lot of us didn’t know what the Green Mile was.  And for Chancellor we also did the dry run a few times.  In preparation for the Golf Course we would train between the Green Mile three times, which is the same distance as the Golf Course, or up and down Chancellor which is also the same distance.  So let’s say Monday we practiced Chancellor, the Thursday we did the Green Mile to ensure we had endurance.

AG: It was more than just training.  It was the girls mostly, as the guys didn’t really go on training, but they were integral to our team’s effort as they had experience in running events outside of CariFin.  It allowed us to bond beyond just the competition. We came from different departments and everyone knew each other before, but after this event now it’s like a certain bond was established.  We actually tried to maintain walking once or twice a week after the Games ended… but a bond created amongst all of us through telling stories and sharing experiences with each other.  We would have never had the opportunity if we didn’t enter this as a team.

CM: What was your favorite memory from the CariFin Games?

AG: My favorite memory would probably be the actual Family Day, because all ten of us were there together and we were able to socialize.  With the other races we didn’t really get to spend time with each other before or after the races.  However, for Family Day it was all ten of us, plus our extra team members supporting and cheering us on in the race.  That was really nice.

We would have been the only team to have all ten members there.  We really sacrificed for the Family Day.  Jeremiah had an exam the next day and showed up literally half an hour before the Cross Country race started.  For the Green Mile, Nimah and Robert were not feeling well and they still ran the course.  So everyone really gave it their all.  They gave a commitment and stuck to it.

CM: Where did that determination come from?

AG: People were cheering us on, plus we walked in groups, so the two walkers kept pace with each other.  Then the runners paired off and they kept challenging each other.  So we were always supporting each other.  Whomever finished first was at the line encouraging the others.

CM: Would you credit this new found bond to the team cheerleader?

AG: No, I don’t want to take all the credit.  It was a team effort; it was definitely a team effort. Everyone had an input.  In terms of the costuming, we had a couple members who researched and called around for places that were selling items.  So it was really a team effort. Then the guys came up with the logo, banner and they did our T-shirts. We carpooled to make sure everyone had a ride.  They took turns calling each other to make sure every single person had a ride to and from the event.  It wasn’t just me.  We always made sure that every single person had a way there.

I did aerobics alongside some CBTT staff members and my team stood on the sidelines and cheered me on.  It was fun. It was nice to have everyone telling me “yes you can do it”.

You know we get busy with work and life, but this rejuvenated our enjoyment of exercising and being outdoors.  When we were walking up Chancellor we were bonding, we were laughing and having fun.  We totally forgot about work and any onlooker would swear that we were friends for a long time.  In these times, where it is so competitive and you hardly see women bonding, it’s nice to have that female support.

CM: Were there any setbacks along the way?  Was there any point where the team thought that they wouldn’t make it through the Governor’s Challenge?

AG: When we had the few members who were ill, we thought that we weren’t going to be contenders for the Governor Challenge, because we would not have had all members participating in that event.  Our team captain Robert who was one of the persons not feeling 100% on the day of the Green Mile, persevered and said that he was still willing to do the Green Mile.  Also, on Family Day, Robert was not feeling 100% as well, but he still attended and ensured that he was there to urge us on from the sidelines.  He really wanted to compete despite not feeling at his best and we literally had to force him to sit it out.  But his determination that day really motivated us; he was inspirational as a leader.

CM: Will Team ER be taking up the Governor’s Challenge again next year?

AG: Next year, we may most likely do it again once everyone is fit and ready (chuckles).

Members of “Team ER, ‘D’ Clinical Crew”

·         Robert Lopez (team captain);

·         Jeremiah Blackman;

·         Elton Hinds;

·         Mayon Dragon;

·         Rachael Santana;

·         Dana Le Ben;

·         Nimah Muwakil-Zakuri;

·         Liza Brown;

·         Lyndi-Ann Singh; and

·        Amrita Gosine.


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