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They had a Blast

by carifinman · 0 comments

The Xplosion of Fun, Fitness and friendship
… that was the theme for this year’s Family Day and it did materialized it did happen!

A late start and the intervention of brief rain fall failed to rob us of some valuable action time. With the time that we had, there were some really loud xplosions. The Xplosions came with the performances and the crowds responses to them. Things were really rocking!

The day’s action started with the novelty events for adults and a simultaneously run kid’s park. From go the adult novelty games had everyone excited and laughing at the same time. Teams participated in events like Penalty Shootout and Drunkard’s passing de balloons.
Unfortunately with time ticking we had to cut short the novelty event to go into the Official Opening, with the tug of war still to go. That’s the price we pay for teams reaching late.

Official Opening
The Master of Ceremonies, Colin Hernandez was the voice of the evening. His main objective was to harmonize the day and let things flow on a time line, describing and commenting on the activities. A responsibility which he carried out in an entertaining and informative way.

National Anthems
The national anthems of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago were played signaling the official opening of the Family Day. This was followed by a prayer led by MS Rbl, the Athlete’s Oath was read by Nanorya Chambers of GHL

The participating teams were formally welcomed by Grace Kennedy’s Country Head – Mr. Ronald Thompson.

Best Tent
This year as part of the judging of the Best Tent we asked teams to choose a song or music and do a 3 minutes rendition or interpretation of that song. Another rule of the competition was that teams must have their Ms. CariFin leading or be part of their performance.
With First Citizens kicking things off with a rendition that caught the spectator’s attention after that everyone was looking to see what the other teams were coming with. Central Bank followed after and they took the ante up a notch with a jaw dropping performance that xploded quite a bit and gained the approval of those on hand with a loud round of applause.
Team GHL followed with a rendition that xploded the ball out of the park. The choreography was amazing and they added a bit of theater that had the spectators enthralled and very animated with their performance. Be it so it was a very difficult act to follow or shoes to fill.
Grace Kennedy did a sailor mass dance to the song “Ship Ahoy” which was well received as they added that bit of traditionalism to the xplosion.
Team IBL was not to be left out as they showed what quick organizing and leadership is all about as they worked on getting a Ms. CariFin and a routine at the same time for their opening act. In the end they were able to participate and contribute to the xplosion of Fun, Fitness and Friendship.
In the end after the judges walked through and inspected the tents and tallied the points they felt that team GHL did enough and understood the concept they were looking for and awarded them the title of Best Tent.

Cross country
Road Runners Race management team was responsible for managing the 6 cross country events on the day.
The athletics or cross country event was started by the running of the kids races.

This provided an opportunity for the kids of the homes and the school and kids of the financial institutions to enjoy some good cross country running.

The Fun Walk and Fun Run followed. This provided an opportunity for people of all levels of fitness to enjoy and share in the spirit of CariFin’s cross country.
The high light of the day’s cross country the male and female events engaged everyone’s attentions as teams cheered on their participants from the start.
Two new champions have been crowned to reign as the best cross country runners in the sector for 2011… They are Grace Kennedys’ John Donaldson and RBC/RBTT’s Salisha Julien.

Celebrate your team mates.
For too long some participants have had to go it alone or with minimal support, when it comes to representing their teams or institution. It is like some teams/institution just doesn’t get it. CariFin’s theme is about fun, fitness and friendship. The financial community coming together and showing camaraderie and building friendship and other relations. Let’s get real charity begins at home and then goes abroad. You must love your own and show respect for your athletes. To be an athlete at an appreciative level takes commitment, you must be inspired, you must have that passion. Day in and day out you have to spend time committing to your sports and performance. The day comes when you don your team’s uniform and put your heart out for the team…. The team doesn’t show up to demonstrate that they appreciate your effort; they think you are doing something more staffers should get into in the name of health and fitness
Some people participated to the applause of the general audience but the home grown appreciation was not there. The pride to continue to bring honour and glory to the color, the logo and the family was absent.
It was a pleasure to see teams like GHL, CBTT, Grace Kennedy understanding the philosophy, showing that it is not a one way street, understanding the role of the fan, and the need to build team spirit. Its important to note that teams were judged by how they celebrated their participants and winners.
It could be said that one of the great aspects of CariFin Games is to use it as a vehicle to show staff satisfaction or more pointedly give staff satisfaction. The Family Day at Sevilla and the atmosphere with teams cheering on their colleagues and celebrating their success or just participation is the ideal situation or condition for institutions or teams to come together and show their staff some special kind of satisfaction. It is important, every team leader, HR manager, Sports Club president knows how difficult it can be to get your staff members to come out and represent, to train or do extra curricular activities. But when they do and have been doing so, let’s find some unique way to say, “We appreciate your effort.”

CariFin recognizes this and tries to direct participating institutions in this direction – We use the competition – “Team with the most spirit” to formalize an approach in this direction. More so we wanted to re-brand it and call it – “Are u Fan Enough” but some of the committee members found that we weren’t ready for such a move as yet.
So what I did was just brush up on the old, “Team with the most spirit competition” and ran with it.

To try and achieve some of the same objectives but without the rebranding we had judges walk around and judge using these categories –
1. Team that most involved reaction to team song at opening – (noise)
2. Most creative ways at celebrating their winners – (rags, flags or pom, poms)
3. Use of the theme – Xplosion of Fun, Fitness & Friendship
4. Use of choreography – (dance)
In the end the chief judge Gerard Alfonzo felt that GHL did the best job at celebrating their staff, followed by Grace Kennedy and CBTT.

Ms. CariFin continues to be a headlining act and in 2011 it was much of the same. Six teams were represented. Event manager – Shelly Ann O’Neal, her judges and the chief Judge, the MC, the DJ, were on cue; video and still photography camera were out and rolling. Teams started to scream and shout in anticipation

The ladies began to walk across the stage, as they were called by the MC. As they paraded they were being judged in the following categories

  • Must take part in one of the cross country events
  • Must lead their team at the Official Opening
  • Participate in the aerobics display
  • Judge Sports wear
  • Take part in the Q & A

After the short introduction … the aerobics display followed, the crowd lapped it up noisily.
Then straight into the Q & A segment, all six ladies answered well. In the end the judges felt Esla Anthony outshined the others and awarded her the Ms. CariFin 2011 title. In 2nd place was Ms. First Citizens – Carla Questelles-Forde and 3rd Ms. GHL – Nanorya Chambers.…..

A rhythmic Dance Off competition closed the day’s activities.

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