The King’s and Queen’s of the Savannah! The King's and Queen's of the Savannah! |

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The King’s and Queen’s of the Savannah!

by carifinman · 0 comments


Review of the last 5 years of 1 Lap Savannah Performance.

What can we expect in the one Lap Savannah for 2014 time wise and performance wise?.This race around the Savannah has always been a standard bearer; a bench mark, a kind of de facto standard for time, performance, ability and running skill. The 1 Lap Savannah challenge is popular in terms of the times that is achieved by competitors. 


Let’s look back 5 years to compare some of the times achieved by the CariFin athletes; who hold the best times in the male and female category for this famous 2.28 mile distance.


Among the male, we have Nikosi Mc Leish who has the best or fastest (2 times) on the list, they are 13.13(year 2009) and 12.43(year 2010); Simon Kalestein an expat from (Canada) representing RBC also has a time within the 13 minutes range; In 2011, Mark Thomas of Republic Bank won in 14.22; Akeem (Sky) Simon of Central Bank led the field in 14.31 in 2012. Nikosi Mc Leish has now opted to stay out of these build up events and settles to take on all participants at the final in the cross country challenge at Sevilla Golf course, remembering what he showed us what he is capable of in 2013, when he dominated the field after a 2 year absence due to injury. Simon Kalechstein has returned to Canada and it would be very interesting to see who rises to the top among the men in 2014, and what new time records  would be accomplished.

The Female Category

Over the last 5 years there has been dominance by Central Bank women. Apart from Crystal Ann Awai from Guardian Group who ran home with the title in 18.24 in 2009, Esla Anthony and Wendy D’arbasie shared first place among themselves twice. Esla Anthony in 2011 and 2012 doing 17.46 and 17.06 respectively and Wendy D’arbasie  claiming 2012 and 2013 with 18.18 and 17.02.


The female competition looks very exciting and that element of a new person coming on and shinning could always be expected. There is so much of a competitive atmosphere among the female competitors it is just enough to make you arrive on the evening of Wednesday April 09, 2014 early to take in the action. Beside Wendy D’arbasie winning the 1 Lap Savannah and every other race last year, the big question is, who else is a worthy prospect to challenge her for the limelight, notoriety and big prize. In 2nd place we have Esla Anthony with a time of 17.48, Lavern Evelyn of Scotiabank took 3rd in 18.12, Angel Barclay of Republic Bank came in 4th with a time of 19.04 and first timer in the event Simone Chang-Fraser of Republic Bank crossed in 5th place with a time of 19.20. 

Again could Wendy D’arbasie continue to maintain that stellar position among the women she had in 2013 or is some body who set their sights on higher things and bigger dreams and trained harder and now is ready to test the waters, to throw their hat into ring and vie for that coveted prize of CariFin Games 1 lap Savannah Queen, hence dethroning the heir on the throne. Looking at the results of the TTUTA 10K we saw that Salina Scott formally Pouchet posted 47.23 for this event the fastest among the financial sector runners. Wendy D’arbasie finished in 49.10 a minute and 47 seconds distance separated them.  Wendy noted for her speed over the green Mile, may have to find a middle ground between the 10K (6.2 Miles) distance and the shorter Savannah 2.28 miles and inject that 1 mile speed to the end that she has become synonymous for to keep the fast rising Scott at bay.

A number of new employees have entered the financial sector over the year let’s see if anyone of considerable talent will emerge and add some excitement in events. The 12 months that had past may have seen some male runner or female runner dreaming about stardom… dreaming of taking the action to the competition and seeing just how it stack up, he or she may just find out that the competition is much to their liking. Don’t miss the 1st of 4 running events as the financial services sector a come together for an action packed and excitement stacked series of athletic events. Don’t miss it on Wednesday April 09, 2014 starting opposite TGI.

This one for Fun, Fitness and Friendship!!!


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