The Reasons why CrossFit … is it a good fit for CariFin. The Reasons why CrossFit … is it a good fit for CariFin. |

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The Reasons why CrossFit … is it a good fit for CariFin.

by carifinman · 0 comments

The question could be asked what benefits are there to be had for the participants of CariFin if CrossFit should come onboard?   Could it give that proverbial shot in the arm to somehow lift the excitement, interest and growth in the 21st Edition of the Games?

CrossFit is an intense exercise programme featuring dynamic exercises like plyometric jumps, gymnastic exercises and Olympic lifts. The programme is structured in such a way that participants are challenged to do a certain number of repetitions in a workout in a specific timeframe; with one of the objectives being to see how fast they can complete a workout.

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning programme practiced with Functional movement. It attempts to optimize physical competence in sundry recognized fitness domains:  Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.

CariFin Games over the years has made only small modifications to its main events showing that it was quite conservative when it comes to change, but also it listened and has responded to the needs of its community when cricket, football and all fours was added.
To keep up to date and be more relevant it added the Dance off, Ms. CariFin as well as an addition to the official opening  – a segment for teams to use this time to capture the attention of the crowd with a rendition of their choice or a choreographed piece done to music or some kind of performance that the teams could use to set themselves apart from the other teams on the day or tell us something unique about themselves. Using their colour.
Alas but never so bold and dramatic as to try to introduce a new fitness regimen that has the potential to develop a higher level of fitness and functionality among individuals which could evolve into a totally new category or stage for members of the financial community to shine on.
The question could be asked what need in CariFin could CrossFit meet? CariFin has always been about the promotion of health and fitness.
Since CariFin’s inception we the participants as well as the organizing committee wanted a way to measure  “fitness” outside the scope of running.  The Aerobics burnout or competition was trendy and popular at the time and a great crowd puller. But, it never met the need of exactly being able to measure fitness.
Many participants over the years have asked for a simpler format or competition that would involve pure exercises, unlike the fancy dance steps of aerobics, that would determine the fittest person in the financial services sector.
A few years back at a Run Barbados event the RBC contingent put that case forward. Also, Angela Parris wanted something on the basis of just normal exercises that would require someone to go until they are tired.  Over the years many people have said or echoed the same sentiments concerning using pure exercise to determine the fittest person in the industry.
So what about a format that would look at push ups, abdominals, burpees, pull ups, box jump etc.  These are very straightforward exercises when done to time and could be used to determine the level of fitness, strength and endurance. Pre- viously there wasn’t a popular exercise plan to achieve this.

Why CrossFit would be a good fit?
The focus of CrossFit is on functional movements rather than isolated muscles. CrossFit not only trains your entire body to actually be used, but trains you in how to use your body to it’s fullest extent. Instead of a leg press machine, shoulder press machine, and lat pull-down, CrossFit workouts involve similar exercises, the squat, push press, and pull-up, either with bodyweight or barbells. Performing those latter exercises, which are done outside of the support of weight machines, means that technique, not just raw strength, is an important factor. Your body has to employ numerous minor muscles in concert to complete the moves safely and effectively.
Being employees of the financial sector most of us are deskbound for long periods have to sit behind desks. The thing about this is that we are in a 90 degrees position  all the time. As a result of this restriction/fixation we develop limited hip flexion over time because we are not going into the full range of motion. Primal man would normally use the squat as a sitting position to have dinner or group conversation thereby using the full range of hip.
In some of the exercise groups I have been to and others I have observed a number of people have problems squatting parallel to the floor with their hamstrings. It has been difficult or requires a lot of work.
CariFin started with running and walking activities then added aerobics and other activities that promoted that people get more active and over the years the numbers have risen in CariFin Games. But after 20 years we must evaluate and ascertain whether we’re hitting the mark, the main concept, philosophies or ideas of fitness to bring the most benefits to participants. With running and walking we have been moving in a very endurance-based direction with a number of stars rising over the years we have being in existence.
With a sport like CrossFit we can first of all begin to use a better metric to define and promote fitness. We could promote the idea of better posture and the use of core strength to improve performance. We would be able to determine fitness easily and clearly, together with strength, speed and power would be showcased at the CariFin Games. A developing sport like CrossFit in CariFin would inject or infuse higher level of excitement as well as offer another kind of opportunity for the people who want to develop a wide base concept of fitness and probably have a wider captive audience wanting to view this activity.
People buy every new version of the IPhone or next tech update because of the new features.  Technology keeps introducing new things regularly be it new technology or events. Likewise, this year I would like to suggest that CariFin Games add CrossFit to it’s list of events
Will we have CrossFit in the CariFin Games for 2012? We would have to wait and see.

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