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The Secret Bomb!

by carifinman · 0 comments

It is Sunday morning and I am just sitting in front of my computer musing over the upcoming CariFin One Lap Savannah … kind of looking ahead as to what would likely take place On Wednesday April 06, 2011 in terms of the competition and who some of the top performances would come from and what are some of the surprises.

We are at a very interesting juncture at the Urban Challenge with Mc Leish saying he had enough of a good thing and leaving the space wide open for another … we hope some budding champion to come on up. And add some fresh appeal to the mix and make the thing much more exciting rather than the predictable sameness that is now the recent fare.
Mc Leish 4 times winner of the CariFin cross country is reserving himself for the 3 lap (7.2K) event at Sevilla Couva where he hope to be the first person to hold the title for 5 consecutives times in a row.
We are into another generation in CariFin as it may seem to me. After 20 years in the business of providing opportunities for members of the CariFin family for friendly rivalry and camaraderie and encouraging personal responsibility for the development and maintenance of one health and fitness. I have seen several generation shift and this somewhat feels like another one in the process of emerging or rightly being birthed….
We are anticipating and hoping for a lot of good performances, probably a lot of new people coming into the event and the possibility of new talent emerging. Of the 150 participant signed up for CariFin as part of the RBC/ RBTT team at least 65% are first time performers in the event.

A little note….. Sorry for dropping this so early in the conversation but rumor got it that Team CBTT has a secret bomb! Sorry but I have to leak this one fellas. This is just too juicy.
Yeah I was talking with the captain of another team when he said, I noticed, so and so running in Central Bank colors at the Torch Run Relay and he went up to him and say, like you running for Central Bank and the secret bomb as he describe him said, yes I am working with Central Bank now.
The “secret bomb” went on to say that he did a time trial with the Central Bank Fusion Training Team and did the Savannah in some 13 minutes.
The Team captain in question said to me if that is so that man (secret bomb) is going to clean up. This is what he predicted. This sent shivers down my spine as any good juicy rumor would do.
But this one seems minted from the finest of metal and appears very bright and shinny and if it is 85 – 90 % accurate would provide enough excitement and would be worth its weight in gold.
But as things goes I am only taking this as a rumour and nothing more.
But to find out more come on Wednesday April 06, 2011 at the Queen’s Park Savannah opposite TGI and see if “Secret Bomb” mystery would material.

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