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The Tale of the Female Leaderboard

by carifinman · 0 comments

An analysis of the women’s performance

Three (3) events into the 2015 CariFin Games thus far the results show 1 point separates the top three women in our series. They are Adona Joseph of Sagicor who placed 2nd in the 1 Lap Savannah in a time 18.19, also 2nd in the green mile in 7.19 and 1st in the Chancellor Challenge in 16.18.  She amassed 5 points, (2+2+1=5) to put her in the lead up to the 3rd stage.  Joseph has a good chance as any to make this year her most memorable one.  Blessed with talent and great support from Sagicor, family and friends it would be nice to see her bring that talent to bear executing on the big stage.   It is not over until the fat lady sings and if she should win, there is no waiting to tally points, the party done! It doesn’t matter where anyone else finishes, she would be the overall top woman runner in CariFin Games 2015.

Susan Russell, after winning the first two events quite easily is in 2nd position – 1st in the 1 Lap Savannah in 17.41 and the Green Mile in 7.03 and the Chancellor Challenge in 4th position in 18.39. Comparing the performance of her 2 previous events where she comprehensively beat the field at the 1 Lap Savannah by 28 seconds and the Green Mile by 16 seconds we ask ourselves what could have possibly gone wrong. Was this just a bad day, something she ate or didn’t? One wonders!

Finishing the Chancellor Challenge in 18.39, 2.21 seconds behind the 1st place could only land her a 4th spot placing (1+1+4=6). In 2014 she placed 2nd in this event in a time 19.59, much slower than her effort this year

But take nothing away from Russell as we enter the final event at Sevilla on June 07, 2015, after commanding that undulating surface at Sevilla in 2014 in the manner that she did, it was a beauty of a performance as she would be hard to beat come Sunday and her Road Runners running buddies would be in full support. Should Russell win she would have amassed 7 points, and should Joseph place 2nd, they would both be on 7 points and would have to look towards the milliseconds of the time to separate them. Should Joseph place 3rd and Russell 1st then it’s all Russell as that would leave Joseph on 8 points and Russell on 7.

The 3rd spot in the series thus far is occupied by Jiletta Landeau, another improved runner coming out of team Guardian Group for 2015 and a force to be reckoned with both in the athletic and social/fun/team competition come the family day. Jiletta’s performance in 2014, 1 Lap Savannah – 22.40, 1 mile – 8.46 and Chancellor Challenge – 21.05, compared to her 2015 performance has seen vast improvement, 1 Lap Savannah and Green Mile by doing 18.44 and 7.23 respectively and blasting 16.18 in the Chancellor Challenge to be among the best women who took part in all three events.  She positions herself as a big threat to the Cross Country crown on June 07, 2015 at Sevilla where the best running matters and where team support is key to that much needed little extra ‘oomph’ of performance. After the  events thus far she positions 3rd place with 8 points (3+3+2=8).  If she could incorporate what worked for her between 2014 and 2015 into 2016 training for CariFin Games and the National Front, Landeau could be a name we hear a lot about. Should Landeau win she would have scored 9 points (3+3+2+1=9).

Kateri Johnson of First Citizens, a first timer to CariFin Games, is making a good impression in the Games, finished in 4th position in a time of 18.45 and 7.39 in the 1 Lap Savannah and the Green Mile.  She completed the Chancellor Challenge in 17.31, an important performance just 1.21 minutes off the 1st position time within the group and finishing ahead of Susan Russell.  Kateri, a CariFin 2014 Cross Country winner means that Russell has meaningful competition at Sevilla golf course. Her score thus far reads 11 points (4+4+3=11).

RBC’s Marsha Hunte, a new comer to CariFin, made her debut placing 5th and clocking a 20.141 timing in the 1 Lap Savannah.   She finished the Green Mile in 8.02 to place 6th and in the Chancellor Challenge 7th  in 20.23. Totaling 18 points in the series and placing 5th overall she should feel proud as she showed a good first time performance! Sevilla would see her representing one of the most famous institutions in terms of running along with big names like Nicholas Day and Nikosi Mc Leish, both multiple winners in these games. Kateri is in with an 18 point total (5+6+7=18).

On June 07, 2017 what would separate the women in the top 5 is the ability to sprint at the end.  Their running abilities appear to be around the same level, with the deferential mark (as far as I see it) being the ability to sprint at the end.

At Sevilla, team mates, family, friends and coaches all play an important part in supporting participants.  This is important and influential as it helps in keeping the athletes on track, on purpose and in the game.

Many runners have faltered on the big day forgetting the training and everything learnt in the months gone by and the chance to put training into practice wisps away. Runners could be inspired, motivated back on course, running the meandering surface and tight turns by encouragement from their coach, a colleague or family member.

Supporters, family, friends, team buddies of the CariFin Games Cross Country participants,  show up and give your support as we make this years’ event the best ever in terms of overall performance!


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