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The Tale of the Leaderboard

by carifinman · 0 comments

The Male Leaders

 An Analysis of the top 5 Male Runners in the Series



According to the CariFin Leaderboard, a chart showing times and placing, the top ranked male runner is first timer Ryan ONeil of Guardian Group. Perched nicely on 3 points from 3 events (unless an upset of humongous proportions) he can sail easily into the port of CariFin with the lowest aggregate time and be crowned the best overall runner in CariFin for 2015; an outstanding feat anyone would agree.

His performance over this crop of runners was really ‘no sweat’ with such ease and a smooth stride it makes you wonder where he was all the time. At present he stands above the rest with 1 point from the 1 Lap Savannah which he completed in a time 14.28, 1 point from the Green Mile (5.33) and 1 point from Chancellor (13.22) giving him the lowest aggregate time of 3 points to lead the table at this time.

CariFin Games is about the promotion of a healthier more active lifestyle in a fun, fitness and friendship way and using the influence of the work place (studies have shown that one person’s positive lifestyle can encourage approximately ten (10) others). Using a series rather than a one off activity and including undulating rather than all flat surfaces help create situations where you have to adapt to different kinds of terrain and surfaces offering varied challenges where various kinds of skill levels is needed to be successful.

Fifty (50) male runners completed all three (3) races thus far and these runners have the option to go on to the final stage of the 4 part series at Sevilla golf course in Couva. Completing the final stage would allow them to add valuable points to their three (3) previous events to establish their place in the series.

In 2nd place on the Leaderboard is last year’s series winner Jedidiah Benjamin of RBC Bank and he is still doing fine for himself and showing why he was the best in 2014. Though he struggled a bit in the 1 Lap Savannah with 3rd placing in a timing of 15.56, he stormed back in the Green Mile to grab 2nd place in 5.54. The Chancellor Hill Challenge was tough going and he was only able to finish 4th with a time 14.19 for this event, giving him a total of 8 points for 2nd place among the men thus far.

The Leaderboard says the veteran in the business, John Donaldson, representing First Citizens, is 3rd place so far by finishing 2nd in a time of 15.12 in the 1 Lap Savannah, a 4th placing in the Green Mile with 6.05 and a 4th spot with 14.43 timing on the Chancellor Hill. This gives him a total of ten (10) points taking the 3rd spot at this time in the series. If he could do what he did last year to win at Sevilla that would give him eleven (11) points. To finish ahead of Benjamin, Donaldson has to win the race and Benjamin has to place down the field in 4th place in the cross-country. (3+2+3+4 =12) and with a win in the cross country Donaldson would score (2+4+4=11).
Such a scenario is hard to envision as Benjamin’s placing 4th is difficult to imagine looking at his 2014 effort on the course and his ability to show tenacity in tough situations on the big moments. Additionally, the possibility of Donaldson repeating a win this year is highly unlikely, though he is the most experienced among the pack and the knows the course well, his inability to sprint at the end would be his undoing at the cross country unless he could remedy that in the two remaining weeks before the big show.

Kris Deonanan, another new Guardian Group find, is bringing his talent to bear in the running department accumulating glory to team Guardian as they seem to be the ‘runaway train’ in CariFin Games thus far hitting the ball out of the park with some good showing in the athletics department. It’s left to be seen how the final day would unfold for them. Deonanan, an unknown if you ask me, did 16.23 in the 1 Lap Savannah for 4th place and placed 5th in the Green Mile and the Chancellor Challenge in 6.13 and 14.33 respectively. (4+5+5=14) and with a 5th placing in the series so far, what does the big day hold for him? How would he fair with the undulating terrain with tights turns? Does he possess the skills of a good hill runner coupled with the experience to cruise down the hill and reserve energy while benefitting from the pull of gravity? Has he got the resolve to perform well under stressful situations? Come June 07, 2015 at Sevilla Golf Course this would all be revealed!

Sagicor’s only male to make it in the big top ten, Jensen Mc Comie, had a big moment in the series when he had guys who traditionally beat him in the two previous events looking at the sole of his shoes while coming up Chancellor. His chancellor run was phenomenal in the scheme of things when we analyzed what he did over the last three years. In 2013 he did Chancellor in 17.28 though placing 4th.   In 2014 he finished further down the field in 11th spot in 17.27 but established new grounds this year by doing 14.18 to finish in 2nd place. His tally so far is 9+6+2 =17 points. Should he maintain his good form on the undulating Sevilla Golf course he could spoil the party and the bragging rights of the early favorites Benjamin and Donaldson, but make little significance to the overall series placings.

Those who for whatever reason are unable to make it to Sevilla Golf course in Couva, or who choose to shy away from the big yard as it is, will be placed in the best of 3 series.

This is a call to all teams in CariFin Games 2015 not to miss this event – the CariFin male cross country race, it would be competition of epic proportion once the guys take the field. There is a lot hinging on this performance and the two weeks off from competition in the games are important for participants to put the finishing touches onto their game plan. This would settle the question of who was the best in the 4 – part series without a doubt.

Bring your horns, bring your drums, bring your whistle and pick your spot along the course to support your team and your favorite runners, it might be the difference between winning and losing; put their photographs on flags and wave it as they pass by; shout their names and give them your support. But you got to be there to do that! Don’t miss it – The 24th Edition of CariFin Games male cross country event at approximately 4.30 p.m. The finest runners in the financial services sector will be taking on the 2.2 km Sevilla cross country course doing 3 laps and adding the distance from the club house to the perimeter of the course both ways measures a 7.5 km distance. Get your coolers, get your flags, invite the whole family and settle down and enjoy the most exciting event in the CariFin Games!

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