The top 5 female runners in CariFin 2009 The top 5 female runners in CariFin 2009 |

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The top 5 female runners in CariFin 2009

by carifinman · 0 comments

The top 5 female runners in CariFin 2009

These are my picks for the top 5 female CariFin runners for 2009.

Number one: Crystal Ann Awai – GHL new star didn’t fail to impress in the one lap savannah her first time running in CariFin she surprise everyone and crossed the finish line ahead of the other female runners in a time of 18.58. The benefits from being part of an in-house GHL training team that brought staff members together three times a week for training.
Due to illness she end up trailing in 4th place for the Green Mile only to bounce back in the Chancellor Challenge to top the field. She gave a good account of herself in the aerobic burnout.
Her next CariFin event and the one where everyone speculated… could she translate her early Urban Challenge success to the uneven Sevilla course for the female cross country on the big day… and yes she did, finishing the 5.2K course in 25.01.
She sustained an injury some time after that which reflect badly in her report card for the year end.
In UWI half marathon she was only able to post a very pedestrian time of 2hours and 30 minutes.
But she is my pick for the number one female performer in CariFin for 2009.

Number two: Angela Parris is my pick for the number two position in CariFin top 5 performers of 2009. She started off the beginning of the season very slow, tentative and cautious to prepare for CariFin …. Trying not to re-injure herself. That deliberate slow cautious start did indeed help as she was able to finish in 2nd place in the one lap savannah. Dropping to 5th place in the Green Mile to take 4th place on Chancellor and follow that up with an exciting face off with Mumtaz Amarali that brought the house down in the final of the aerobics burnout to finish in second place.

The next stop is at Sevilla for Angela where she was supposed to defend the title she won last year. She defended quite creditable. She worked the uneven course at Sevilla like an expert sea-fearer navigating the rough waters riding and relaxing on the down hill extracting all the downhill propulsion she could get… milking it for all its worth. On the rolling incline using the least effort possible to power herself up and over a combination that she employed to traverse twice over the 2.2K loop. In the end a probably stronger and younger Crystal Awai reach the finish line first by just 4 seconds.

Number three: Mumtaz Amarali had one of her better all round performance this year in CariFin she managed 3rd place in the opening event the CariFin One Lap savannah, yet another 3rd place in the green Mile and on the Chancellor Hill she again retained 3rd spot, she won big time in the Aerobics Burn Out edging out Angela Parris for 1st spot.
Mumtaz Amarali gave a good account of herself on the longer tougher Sevilla course where she staved of many attacks on the course to secure her 3rd place finish on the day. Overall she would of have 4 three finishes and one overall victory to complete her performance in CariFin 09. And she is my pick for the 3rd spot for top performers in CariFin for 2009.

Number four: Candace Rollocks: Candace is a determine performer, she sets a goal and she goes after it. A member of the famed GHL team that burst on the scene in 2007 and have since being making consistent and formidable progress in CariFin.
In the One Lap Savannah she placed 8th in 19.58 a good effort to someone who did 24 minutes a year before.
Unto the Green mile and Candace was in 7th place. The chancellor Challenge which requires strength as well as technique she finished higher in 5th place and in the aerobics burnout she handle herself pretty well.
The moment that really counted and showed her character and determination was the CariFin cross country the rolling hills and tight turns for 2 laps of the 2.2K loop gave enough opportunity to lesser committed or experience but Candace made up her mind and faced the difficult terrain, the warm weather and the competition and finished in 4th place overall. Quite a nice way to end her CariFin experience for the 2009 season.
The above mentions reasons are why Candace get my vote for the 4th best performer in CariFin for 2009.

Number five: in 5th place my choice is Hazel Tywang Maharaj. Hazel is one of the competitors who have been in CariFin for a while and have done so some many things and accomplish many marks within CariFin. First things first Hazel walked and won all the walking races in the Urban Challenge.
To top that off she travelled to Sevilla and took the walking race there also. Then throw her hat in the ring for the cross country title. She only succeeded in occupying 5th place but it is commitment, tact and determination that we must recognize as the valued traits for someone who have been at these games for a while.
I must reiterate here I remembered a year Hazel taking part in every one of the races on the course and won everything with the exception of the female cross country which she placed high up. She even had to give back the fun run prize as that was reserved for the first timers such is the status of the woman.

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