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The Voice of Lupus and CariFin

by carifinman · 0 comments

CariFin Games and the Voice of Lupus Foundation 2015

ReeannaIn 2015, CariFin Games established a partnership with the Voice of Lupus Foundation and as such, the awareness of Lupus was quite visible at most of our sporting activities.

The Voice of Lupus Foundation was present at most of our events.
During our first athletic event to kick off the games, The 1 Lap Savannah at the Queen’s Park Savannah held on Wednesday April 22, 2015, Ms. Reeanna Harrilal, President of the Voice of Lupus Foundation greeted the CariFin games participants, welcoming them to the 24th edition of the Games. Ms. Harrilal also spoke about Lupus and the work her organisation is doing to raise awareness throughout T&T.

On Wednesday April 29th, 2015, The VLF again joined us at the Sand Track at the Queen’s Park Savannah  to participate in the Green Mile as part of their objective to raise the awareness of Lupus through all our sporting events.

Lupus awareness month is observed worldwide in the month of May. Here in Trinidad, the VLF commemorated World Lupus Day on May 10th by hosting its annual candlelight vigil in San Fernando. On Wednesday May 13th, 2015, the organisation together with supporters of CariFin held the candlelight vigil at the end of the Aerobics Burnout.

Though new to us, CariFin welcomed the opportunity to get involved and share the light in some ways by supporting Ms. Harrilal’s mission of educating people about Lupus.

At CariFin Games Cross Country and Family Day VLF Directors  were back again to meet, mix and mingle with us and share the evening of clean family fun and of course, use the opportunity to push the awareness of Lupus.
With this partnership and Interacting with the Voice of Lupus Foundation gives us the opportunity to be associated and be a part of a movement that want to create positive change in the lives of those who suffer with this chronic debilitating autoimmune disease.

On Friday July 10th, 2015, we are seeking to increase our financial donation to the work of the Voice of Lupus Foundation.

CariFin Games is hosting its  After Games Cooldown – Boat Cruise entitled “The Purple Affair”

We are making an urgent plea for your support toward this event.
Support the CariFin Boat Cruise and make it a success so we can give a meaningful contribution to the Voice of Lupus Foundation.

Purchase your  tickets now from Ms. Reeanna Harrilal- 327 0220.

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