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This Week in Interviews

by carifinman · 0 comments

This week in interviews

Marina and Kim

I have done interviews with three people from Republic Bank Limited and it was totally awesome.

In the first case on Tuesday march 23, 2010 at Republic Bank Park Street I came face to face with the first and second winners of the Step on the Step competition put on by the HR department for the staff at Republic Bank – Park Street.

I was really amazed by the fact that such a simple idea, one that didn’t need the usual high injection of funds to have it started or keep it going, or the outside resources of coaches and trainers to be involved to have it succeed, that it catched on so easily .

To think about it, a simple built in infrastructure like the stairs, transformed a normal daily activity into a buzz, a competition, something that would have a strong influence with the staff and people at RBL Park Street branch.

Sitting and listening to Marina Gordon and Kim Ngui it was an eye opener in a world where gadgets and equipment are the order of the day to do the smallest of things like opening a can to sending a message to a colleague a few cubicles away in the same office.

They were passionate about the idea of being motivated in their very own workplace, encourage by friends and other co-workers and being able to reap the benefits of fitness while on the job.

The long tail effect of this is that because of this competition they now get the notoriety and respect from their peers. They now become the subject of discussion when they pass or are seen, pleasant comments come their way and they look upon as leaders in fitness, even as heroes in their space.

They were confident and committed not just to using the step but to the idea of personal responsibility to their fitness.

On Wednesday March 24, 2010 it was down to Republic Bank – Long Circular Mall and I met and interviewed Wendy Hinds-France for the CariFin personality of the Month. I was surprise very early to learn that she was in the first ever CariFin cross country event, when it was known as the Banker’s Cross Country.
This interview had a lot of revelations in terms of her achievements in netball and basket basketball.

When asked how she feels she would rank in the top 10 among the women she was quite dismissive, by saying top 3 actually. She even mentioned that the time clocked for the winning position of the female One Lap Savannah race was the vicinity 18 minutes and she was aiming to post a better time. She is actually aiming to challenge the number one spot in the women’s category.

So uneasy I would say is the head that wears the crown. So all the ladies look out for Wendy Hinds-France of Republic Bank Limited doing something in the 18 minutes range and if the winning time isn’t step up significantly we could very well see someone else wearing the crown for the women’s category.

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