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Thoughts from the Torch Run Relay

by carifinman · 0 comments

I was there running my Torch legs and that of the other team as well and really enjoying the fun and fellowship.
I saw guys and gals running or walking as if there life depended on it… and they were doing it without promise of reward, recognition or prize and putting out their best performance. That must be applauded.

And we must say hats off to teams like CITI and IBL that kept there end of the bargain and came with a nice crew and ran their leg with dignity and pride.
And Central Bank did come good as they held home court advantage and they made the best of home support and pack in their Fusion team in there and look quite massive for once.  But of course down in the dregs (coming to the end) – that long second to last legs only the die hards was their to carry the Torch and we say thank you guys……. Imagine Ervin coming out and lending a hand….. sorry a leg. well what ever? And Miss Grashan who sat most of the journey in the team bus, found the energy to run de whole… long – leg, but in the end Team CBTT got the Torch to the hand-over point at Rienzi complex to hand it over to the more than happy Team RBL to have the final short leg… smiling all the way to the “Bank” car park.

And RBL, FC, GHL and RBTT kept it decent did what had to be done and at the end there was a good show on their part.
And big thanks to the senior personnel that accompanied the participating teams. This did send a strong message that we are serious and willing to do what it takes to educate, encourage and inspire our staff to take personal responsibility to fight off all that complacency and lethargy that accompanies a sedentary lifestyle

Thank you all again and we look forward to a massive turnout and start to the Urban Challenge on Wednesday April 06, 2011 at the Queen’s Park Savannah.
Remember our theme this year is centered around the “The Fitness Enthusiast” and our challenge to the teams is to bring out at least 50 walkers to the Games. That means each bonefide CariFin participant must encourage his fellow colleague to start to train and come out and participate in carifin. Thus promoting a more active lifestyle.

Thanks again for your support on the Torch Run Relay.

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