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Below are a series of links to video tutorials showing the basic technique of running.

They are based on Pose Method of running or Crossfit Endurance 

In this video that critical first step is being explained, the mind set, how you go about pulling your foot from the ground.

One of the big things you can learn from this video is to keep it simple, think of dropping the foot underneath the hips then pulling it right back up.
Hope you learn a lot from this video.
This is crossfit endurance based

Taking That First Step

Fundamentals of Running  


 Here are 4 videos by the Founder of Pose Method of Running Dr. Romanov. These are must see videos if you are interested in turning your running around.

“Your fitness level is intimidating,” ……“but, unfortunately, your running, it sucks.”
To improve your running focus less on using your muscles and more on using your own body weight and gravity. Just let running happen.

Your Running Sucks….. Good running is effortless

The movement shouldn’t require any effort. Romanov notes that the arms aren’t involved. It’s about taking pressure off the ground and counterbalancing the feet with the shoulders.

Unweighting in Running

Romanov has Ellis do a one-legged-running drills. Afterward, Ellis is still kicking his feet behind him.
There is no effort,” Romanov explains. “It’s not behind; it’s under the hip.”
He adds: “Pose should be untouchable, you know. You have to stay in pose, no matter what.”

Understanding Cadence

You cannot do anything with your body weighted you need to be unweighted. Dr. Romanov demonstrates this and how it could improve your running as well as your use of your muscles.

The Universal concept of Unweighting





The Discovery of Pose Running: Part 1

 How are you supposed to run? Dr. Nicholas Romanov wants you to answer this question, but you probably can’t.