TTMF’s Kharena Chee-Wah Takes Miss CariFin Title TTMF's Kharena Chee-Wah Takes Miss CariFin Title |

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TTMF’s Kharena Chee-Wah Takes Miss CariFin Title

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1st Timer TTMF’s Kharena Chee-Wah Takes Miss CariFin Title

The 28th Edition of CariFin Games Cross Country and Family Day, which took place on Sunday, May 26, 2019, at the Queen’s Park Savannah opposite Queen’s Royal College, was abuzz with excitement, anticipation and energy as to which one of the five Miss CariFin representatives would take the Miss CariFin 2019 title – the 16th Edition.
Miss CariFin contestants underwent mental and physical challenges and were required to engage in and display their sense of style in their athleisure wear.

Judging of the Miss CariFin competition involved five different categories – (1) Intro of Team Tents (2) Fashion, (3) Aerobics Routine, (4) Fitness/Dance Routine, and (5) Q & A, so it was no easy task for the judges on the day.

With the questions asked as to whom the champions and winners were of the cross country events earlier in the morning and the other novelty events completed, it was on to answering the question of whom would be Miss CariFin 2019.

All attention was placed on who would be crowned the eventual winner of the Miss CariFin 2019 competition. The Miss CariFin competition started off with the judging of the best tent competition – this included a two minutes presentation and welcoming the judges by the Miss CariFin team representative. TTMF was impressive with their bright orange team colour featuring prominently among the tents and responded well to the theme – “Loving the active lifestyle.”

The dance/fitness routine gained a lot of attention with people looking to see what the teams were coming with for 2019 and how they would innovate from last year and what new and exciting they would see.
This is the second year the fashion category was introduced and already it has become one of the defining aspects of the competition as the Miss CariFin representatives displayed some striking outfits which included headwear.

The Miss CariFin aerobics competition which catered for a 15 minutes’ routine is another crowd pleaser and had the audience fixated on participants and instructor alike to see who replicated the moves the best and were in sync to the rhythm from the music.

The Q & A section had everyone listening to the answers by the contestants, by which time everyone had their favourite or was backing someone to win.

When the judges finally gave their results, it was a jubilant and happy TTMF team and other supporters who were jumping for joy celebrating Kharena Chee-Wah’s victory. In 2nd runner up position was last year’s winner Team CBTT – Ashley Bobb and in 3rd runner up spot, Nakifa Punter from Team RBL took the honours.

In the end, these were the results and comments from the Miss CariFin winners 2019:
TTMF – Thanks to my team members – TTMF = Transformers – we have really outdone ourselves today and I am very happy to be your reigning Miss CariFin 2019. To tell you the truth I was very nervous all day and when they announced that I was the 2019 Miss CariFin, I was very elated. I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders because I have been preparing for this for 3 months and participated in all the activities, so many sacrifices were given up, my take away from this experience is endurance.

CBTT – Ashley Bobb – “I felt proud to represent my institution and was able to secure 2nd place in the Miss CARIFIN competition. The CARIFIN experience was unlike anything I was previously involved in as it was totally out of my comfort zone. However, I enjoyed participating in the events leading up to Family Day on May 26th, 2019. Participating in CARIFIN allowed me to forge new friendships with persons from different institutions”

RBL – Nakifa Punter – After having to be hospitalized for an ailment that left her weak and unable to go to work during the games, or to go to Miss CariFin training, and against the best advice of her doctor, she travelled from Sangre Grande to San Fernando to train 2 days a week but was grateful for her 3rd spot. And had this to say via her Facebook timeline, “CariFin 2019! 3rd place Queen competition… Congratulations to TTMF and CBTT!”

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