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We are almost there!

by carifinman · 0 comments

Good morning CariFin Team in Training for UWI haf!!!!!!!!!!

It raining outside and I am deterred for a while from going for my morning run….. Guess I will do some skipping at home.

Ah need my coffee to really kick off things for me this morning.

finish lineWe are almost there with our 100 runner plan for UWI Half and it feeling real fun. It just amazing how many people were on the fence as to running UWI that we have made take the plunge as it were?

I guess its Alison Field’s doing by just going up to anyone and asking them if they walking or running UWI haf.

It uniform time and it been a difficult road. I have use the only option I have to put the best top and bottom together (running vest and shorts)

The blue and white that we have been showing everyone is just a prototype base on the size and a possibility of what is probably available from the supplier.

Our base color is white and not blue as the samples showed, if you remembered last year uniform. So this year’s design should have a little yellow in it to remove it from it rather drag blue and white domain.

Hopefully to spruce or lively up the aura of the uniform.

As Ruth as on the CariFin Google group when are the uniform would be distributed? The uniforms need to run off after the sample is done today, then head to the printer.

The UWI packages need to picked up and sorted with the uniforms….. I don’t see it finishing before the final week before UWI.

Well hopefully we will get a good size crew to head out to do the dry run of the course this Saturday, seeing it was changed from the Sunday.

Registration.. we are still waiting on a few errant members to get their requirements to us and then we call Dale Mohammed of First Citizens who is going to assigns us a dedicated teller who take care of our registration in one fell swoop…..I see it being done early next week.

Hi guys any questions, suggestions you have please do so in the comment box at the end of the post or email me wayneroberts445@gmail.com or give me a call at 487 9487.

Training continues, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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